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Cookie Delivery for Pochacco!

Heyho cheerio, Sanriotown peeps! I’m Chiffon and I’m the most fit and healthy one at Cafe Cinnamon. I love exercising, which is why I volunteered to deliver these cookies over to Pochacco’s house!

Anna hurried to bake these beauties when she heard from Cinnamon that Pochacco wanted to come see what’s cookin’ at the Cafe. She would have wanted people to come by but because of the HUUUGE success of the Buy Two Get One Roll Free promotion, everything in the store was SOLD!

Anyway, I think that was good exercise for Anna because all the sitting she’s been doing is sooo unhealthy for her. She really should go out and walk more rather than sit behind the counter all day.

I had a nice looooong jog over to Pochacco’s house. When he opened the door, I felt something in my stomach. I don’t know what it was but when I looked at his face, he looked sooo handsome! Hmmm….

Bah, I should go do another round of jogging around Sanrio Town.

22 Responses to “Cookie Delivery for Pochacco!”

  1. Says:

    Arf! :3 hey Chiffon thanks for the delivery. Please send my regards to Anna and Cinnamon for the HEART cookies. It tastes awesome! Arf! I love it! Arf! xD

  2. Says:

    Those are really tasty looking cookies. Let’s bake together some time. ^_^


  3. Mocha Says:

    Uh-oh… I think someone has a crush on Pochacco!

    We totally need to go shopping for hair accessories! Let’s get you new hair clips so you don’t look fuzzy all the time, Chiffon! heehee *excited*

  4. Keroleen Says:

    Heehee. Hi! If you like, I can tour you around the best shopping areas in SanrioTown.

  5. Mocha Says:

    Keroleen! OOooooh that would be great!! Let’s go shop, and maybe give Chiffon that much-needed makeover!! hihi!

  6. Chiffon Says:

    I do NOT need a make-over Mocha and my hair isn’t fuzzy! It’s just extra curly when it’s humid. And I do NOT have a crush on Pochacco! hmp!

  7. Keroppi Says:

    Ribbit! A new cafe. Do you have any donuts? :D

  8. Says:

    Wooots. You love jogging? No wonder you look a bit more tanned than the other dogs….


    Such a cute blog, really!

  9. Chiffon Says:

    tingal79: I love exercising, in general but I jog everyday and I do enjoy every minute of it! Heehee! Mocha’s a bit darker than I am, actually but that’s her natural color. I used to be as white as Milk. heehee

  10. Cinnamon Says:

    Keroppi! You like donuts?? We do have them here but our specialty is… tadada-daaaan: Cinnamon Rolls! try them, will you? :D

  11. Mocha Says:

    Ooooh… why don’t you… and Keroleen… come and have a romantic date here?? heehee!

  12. Says:


  13. Says:

    did you give these cookies to pochacco

  14. brb1006@mymelody Says:

    hay i heard you two where part of the cinnamoangles chiffon and mocha

  15. brb1006@mymelody Says:

    and you where both preety but you where the to preety mocha i have a big crush on you since the chu chu chu video from japan really

  16. brb1006@mymelody Says:

    chiffon i heard your so fit do you have wii fit for more exercising

  17. brb1006@mymelody Says:

    i felt funny on wednesday morning i was blind for 2 minutes

  18. brb1006@mymelody Says:

    your so adorable mocha i wish i could cuddle with you in bed i all ways got you in my mind

  19. Says:

    mocha i saw a couple pictures on fanpop of you being a sweet heart to milk

  20. Says:

    when did you two meet azuki mocha and chiffon

  21. Says:

    good night chiffon you have sweet dreams and me two

  22. Says:

    hey why are you not commenting anymore can you talk to me on my mail in sanriotown chiffon and mocha

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