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Have you guys been wondering where I am?


It is, a soon-to-be-massive showcase of everything that I love doing. My art portfolio is there, my Flash games… In the next few days I’ll be building content with doodles, more art, and COMICS!!

I’m so excited about this!

And that’s not everything … once I get under way, I am going to be selling HANDMADE ACCESSORIES! Bon Bon Bunny Boutique is going to be a haven of pastel-colored, sparkling fashion accessories (hair clips, brooches, necklaces, bracelets, rings, cell phone charms…). There will be LOTS OF BOWS, lots of colors, lots of glitter…


Oh, and by the way, it would be so rad if you guys went and put a few comments on some of my posts… I LOVE FEEDBACK!!

Please visit me! I can’t wait to see you guys there!

Happy Friday! :D

You know what’s best about Fridays? Especially Fridays when I’m off of work?? o3o


If you guys haven’t been watching it, allow me to kindly nudge you in the direction of Pensivepony’s Youtube page. She posts new episodes JUST after they air on TV. The channel that Friendship is Magic plays on isn’t available to everybody, so let us all unite under the great media melting pot that is the Internet and bask in the glory that is My Little Pony.

By the way I went to McDonald’s earlier this week and picked up all three of the ponies that they had available at the time.

Here they are chilling with some other My Little Pony figures that I have, to give you a peek as to how the art style has changed for the better…

They’re only a buck or so each if you get them without the meal, so it’s a small indulgence. I’m going back next week to see if they have more! I want Rarity and Pinkie Pie!

Eh, I wanted to post screenshots of the New York map and quests before January ended, but I don’t feel like cropping my pictures and stuff right now. Uwuh.

So instead, let’s talk about the new Sanrio character that was announced a week or so ago! Her name is Wish Me Mell, a cute French bunny with a rainbow tail.

Isn’t she cute? I like the scrapbooky-kind-of effect caused by cute illustrations combined with photorealistic pressed flowers.

Wish Me Mell is a special sort of Sanrio character. When her web site was first launched, the only image was of her egg-shaped house, and a caption saying that she is very shy. There were e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, and blog links, so people all over the world sent her messages saying how much they wanted to meet her and soon, all of the kind messages lured her out from her home! Sanrio has said that Wish Me Mell is a character deeply integrated with today’s social networking habits.

Here are those links for you: Wish Me Mell’s Site, Facebook profile, Twitter, and blog.

I like this character a lot! Hope you do, too!

Got to play a little bit of HKO yesterday and catch a glimpse of the goings-on. New York is a gorgeous map, with lots of snowy scenery and cute-ified skyscrapers! I took screenshots, but I’ll save them for a later post.

The latest Sanrio newsletter included a link to this charming little Flash video.

I thought I’d share it here because the link is easy to miss, and not everyone is on the Sanrio mailing list! So, there is your happy holiday greeting from Kitty & friends.

Merry Christmas everybody! ^o^ Keep on being adorable!

I reviewed Tamagotchi in August of 2008 (wow!!!!) because I think that the super colorful world and cast of adorable characters is perfectly appealing to Hello Kitty fans. :3

Earlier this year, the newest toy in the Tamagotchi franchise, the Tama-Go, was released and is now available in stores. There is so much to do in this new toy! You can even purchase additional Gotchi Figures, which attach to the top of the Tama-Go and unlock more games, toys, shops, and other activities for your pet to play with (it varies depending on which figure you pick up). I’ve got only the Chamametchi one, but Violetchi and Memetchi are on my Christmas wish list.

Perhaps the main draw of the new Tama-Go is that you can connect your virtual toy with a Flash-based game portal on The world is so amazingly colorful and cute!

Today I dove into Tamatown with my current pet, the lovely Lovelitchi. Here are my adventures!

Sweet Swirly City is only one of the maps you can explore with your pet. There are shops where you can buy toys and decorations for your house, and lots of Flash minigames that earn you points, experience, and money.

This is a pet store. Lovelitchi loves cute animals!!

The flower park is so pretty! Other people who are playing at the same time as you are will usually strike up a conversation and add you to their list of friends.

This is one of the minigames. So cute! If you enjoy the games in HKO, the Flash games in Tamatown are comparable.

Whoaaa I like this store!! @w@

Additional outfits are available for some characters. Lovelitchi gets a lot of cute ones.

Earlier today aired the first episode of the brand new My Little Pony television series!! We’ve been teased with trailers and pictures prototype toys, and now the wait is over!

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is the new generation of MLP toys. The lead character designer behind their new designs is Lauren Faust, whose work you should recognize from Powerpuff Girls and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.

This is the new cast of characters! Do you like them? Read about each of them ~here~.

I’m so excited about this! The characters and the world they live in is so cute! And Princess Celestia makes me go *o* Ooohhhhh, prettyyyy.

The first episode has been uploaded to Youtube by a kind fan. I can’t guarantee that these videos won’t be taken down, so nab this opportunity to watch them right now!

Fluttershy is just too cute!! When she squeaked her name like that, I lolololololol’d. XD

Okay, I… love Sugarbunnies. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, because they are bunnies. They are wonderfully adorable, fluffy, colorful bunnies. Secondly, they make sweets and chocolate. Oh my God. recently started a page up just for the colorful cast of Sugarbunnies. Their new minisite is right here.

There are all kinds of amazingly colorful downloadables. I always tend to download everything in sight, just to have tons of character references on hand. Is that weird? The nice PDF files even scale perfectly as you zoom in, so you can get some hugely high-resolution images off of it. This is the sort of thing that excites me. Seriously, am I weird?

Sugarminuet. As if the Sugarbunnies themselves weren’t cute enough, there have to be beautiful princessy ballerina bunnies in pink and white. My life. Is complete.

Hanausa and Momousa are another pair of favorites of mine.

Every aspect of this minisite is adorable. I could stare at the colors and cute scenes all day.

If someone gave you $250 to spend on, what would you buy?

Don’t hurt your brain thinking about it. Just register for the weekly sweepstakes and take it from there.

I’ve asked, and even if you’re already a member (and receive newsletters in your e-mail promoting updates), you DO have to fill out this form in order to register for the sweepstakes. But you only need to fill out the form once to be registered for all of the weekly drawings!

If you have multiple e-mail accounts, enter them all! It increases your odds of being drawn!

This little bonus popped up after I entered one of my addresses (as if the chance to win $250 wasn’t enough as it is):

This coupon expired yesterday, so you can’t nab the code off of there, but I’m going ahead and posting it here to further entice you to get going and register!

One last time, the sweepstakes link is here: Go go go!

I’ve spent the last week or so in the 80’s.

Seriously, that era just had the best cartoons. I mean, there was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Thundercats.

Unfortunately, myself being born in ‘88, I missed out on a major chunk of that decade, and many of the cartoons were off the air by the time I was old enough to know that Saturday mornings were mornings to be glued to the television, and many of the toys weren’t being distributed any more.

Thankfully, now we have the Internet.

My obsessions lately are all related to Hasbro toylines! I wonder what the reasoning behind that could be? Anyway, I just can’t stop watching Lady Lovely Locks, Jem & The Holograms, and the original My Little Pony. Oh, there was a series that I watched growing up called My Little Pony Tales, but it is rather different from the slightly older cartoons. I like the original MLP’s fantasy elements, rather than MLPTales’ scenarios where the ponies essentially lived as humans.

So here, enjoy the My Little Pony intro song. It makes me smile every time I hear that tune.

Oh man, THE AWESOME PASTEL COLORS. These cartoons are the culmination of why the 80’s were awesome.

Now enjoy the sweetness that is Lady Lovely Locks, about a girl with magic hair and pretty dresses. Her adventures involve being kind and dutiful and learning about the world around her, themes which are basically ignored in childrens’ cartoons of today.

And now for something completely different.

I’m still not entirely certain what age group Jem & The Holograms was directed at, but I am in love with it. There is more wacky hair, fabulous makeup, and asymmetrical clothing (complete with plenty of legwarmers and shoulderpads) in this show than ever achieved by Saved By The Bell.

Watching the truly outrageous intro song sufficiently summarizes what Jem is all about.

By the by, full episodes of all of these cartoons are just a Youtube search away. If any of you guys are interested, I highly recommend checking out each of them. At least one or two episodes, just to have the experience.

Furthermore, as I mentioned earlier, each of these cartoons came about along with toy lines from Hasbro. Ebay searches yield all kinds of spectacular dolls and outfits for all three of these lines, and it really, really makes me wish that I had money to spare on collecting all of them.

Huh? Oh, I’m 21 years old, yes. Why do you ask?

Do you guys want to see something cool?

This is Stencyl. Stencyl is a game-creating platform. You guys like games, don’tcha? Have you ever had ideas to make your own? Maybe you’ve looked into software such as Game Maker and RPG Maker. Maybe you fill notebooks with drawings and ideas for characters and settings and weapons and costumes. Maybe you’ve never done anything of that, but reading about it right now has just perked your interest.

If so, I’m thinking you definitely want to keep your eyes open for Stencyl’s open beta release this fall. Its interface is smoother and easier to navigate than existing game-building software, and it is highly community-driven. If you can’t quite figure out how to script a certain action in your game, you can search for it on StencylForge and find a script someone else has made available for just that purpose.

Super Noni’s Adventure is one of the demonstration games on the official site, showcasing what can be done with Stencyl. I helped in creating it!! The graphics that I contributed will show up as the game expands with more levels. The stages and scripting and music were all put together by friends of mine. Plus, it’s a totally adorable and colorful game and you guys should totally check it out. c;

For more reading on Stencyl, here is an article about it on G4.

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