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Ohmahgooossssssh the Valentine’s Day Event is here!!

Cupid, how are you so darn cute??

Looks like this event is stationed mainly around the Harbour and Florapolis. So, thankfully, we will not have to travel very far!

This talk of “zapping friends with the appropriate Valentine Wand before time runs out” intrigues me…

New York (and its surrounding areas) is officially opening up as a new map.

Looks like all kinds of new items and outfits and monsters will be arriving soon!

Is anyone else surprised that we got New York before Tokyo? Especially after Tokyo and its surrounding areas were revealed on the world map a little while ago, while New York was still hidden under clouds.

Am I complaining? No!! I can’t wait to start playing HKO again~

Happy New Year, everyone! Later tonight is a party being held in the US server, and I plan to gather screenshots of the event!

In the meanwhile, enjoy these screenshots of the Capers & Celebrations event, including lots of sneak peeks at the sparkly new New York map!

The first thing I tried upon logging in was check to see if New York’s location on the world map had been cleared of clouds… Here’s what I saw! It’s still hiding, but it’s got a catchy new name! XD

I was in London at the time, and didn’t mind taking time to admire the scintillating decorations!

PRESENTS! Look at them all! Glorious! Splendid!

The path to New York is in the North-East corner of Sanrio Harbor, right next to the Deku Scrubs. @3@

Wow! I’m in New York! Brrrrrr… it’s chilly here. Hey! I know that guy! He was the shopkeeper NPC way back in the day, before the bunny NPC came about!

New York’s area map looks like this!

*o* Oh boy! I get to explore now! …Oh, and I guess gather evidence.

Here is where Santa and Mr. Jinch are hanging out. I suppose I should go help them ou- OHMAHGAWD THE BRIDGE IS TOPPED WITH CUPCAKES.

STAMP. Cool buildings. Beware lost dogs and vicious squirrels.

Some kind of construction is happening here. Cute construction!

A cute pink construction.

I snuck into the art museum! Tee hee hee!

Okay so anyway.

Here is Santa’s Invitation after picking it up from the Item Mall. CHRISTMAS QUEST SEQUENCE… INITIATING.

…And here we are. I also picked up a snazzy hat.

TIME TO DO SOME MORE EXPLORING oh and I guess help Santa.

Awww, what a cute snowy version of Central Park. Let’s go ice skating!

Happy alligator bank! n>n

What is this seal’s name? I kind of automatically refer to him as Mamegoma but I know that’s the wrong adorable white seal. x_X


That’s all I got for now, hope you enjoyed the screenshots! See ya at the party tonight!

Got to play a little bit of HKO yesterday and catch a glimpse of the goings-on. New York is a gorgeous map, with lots of snowy scenery and cute-ified skyscrapers! I took screenshots, but I’ll save them for a later post.

The latest Sanrio newsletter included a link to this charming little Flash video.

I thought I’d share it here because the link is easy to miss, and not everyone is on the Sanrio mailing list! So, there is your happy holiday greeting from Kitty & friends.

Merry Christmas everybody! ^o^ Keep on being adorable!


All updates say this event started on the 15th, but the notice only just appeared in my inbox today. (And I mean my regular e-mail, not the currently under-maintenance SanrioTown e-mail.)

So yeah I guess I’m a week behind everyone else. D:

Hiya, folks! HOW ABOUT SOME SLIGHTLY LATE SCREENSHOTS?? You guys like screenshots, don’t you?

Man, I have been putting this off and putting this off, because I have SO MANY SCREENSHOTS. @_@ So here’s a warning for you: Incoming extremely image-heavy post!

The world of SanrioLand is all decorated and stuff! Here’s this handy-dandy quick-jump to London, where the festivities are being held! Bunnyfly took the words right out of my mouth.

Hello what is going on here.

All kinds of NPCs and merchants have gathered around. There are some cool quests to be doing!

The Snowy Wonderland is a new map located near the London festivities. There are some excited partygoing animals here, unique plants, and pretty music.

That… is a big… boxpig.

Sometimes, Mega Partypig gets upset, so everyone gathers around and thwacks him with our happy-sticks.

“Feels good man.” XD

The Snowy Wonderland map looks like this.

Sometimes, you’ll get bundles of stuff. Open them up for even more giftboxes and other goodies.

Here’s a bundle of things from the pretty plants.

Incredible Firework? What’s that?


Aaaaah…. *o*

Finally spent my Sanrio Cash and went on an Item Mall shopping spreeeeeeee!! With the lovely Rose of Versailles deed, I’m ready to level my farm~

Very important for thwacking monsters to make them happy. Yup. That’s how Birthday Cheer works.

I thought this wand accessory was pretty! And it was on sale, so I seized the opportunity to nab it.

Okay, I have been totally obsessed with the Parisian Ornate outfit for a good, long while. I even made a thread about it, before it was even listed in the Item Mall. AND NOW IT’S MINE!! 8D

Yup, definitely like this Sparkly Pen. Say farewell to the simple white BunnyWinx outfit…


…and HELLO to the fabulously frilly and frivolous Parisian Ornate BunnyWinx!!


This Cute wand definitely does more damage than the freebie one you get from the quest.

O_O That is… quite a caterpillar. If the Mr. President line is a reference to something, I don’t get it. ;_;

Logging in and seeing my awesome new avatar is pretty exciting.

Time for the main event! It’s the day of Kitty’s birthday and everyone is here to celebrate!

There are sooooo many people here!

Everyone worked together to make the party animals happy! *o* (by hitting them with sticks)

That Mega Partypig wouldn’t be upset for very long! Soooo many people gathered around him to help cheer him up!

OMG! O_O There are even Partypigs in London! How did they get here??

Everyone gathered around the fountain for a group picture to remember the event by forever!

I even changed my settings to remove everyone’s names, so the picture would look prettier.


It was pretty exciting when none other than GM Abby stopped by!! I think she missed seeing the BoxPigs all over town, though, which would have made her a very happy person. It was so nice to see her again!

We did this many times. @_@ Hopefully the GMs were happy with at least one of these attempts.

Some people got mischievous with their emotes! After this were some GM games. It was good times all around. Happy Birthday Hello Kitty and Mimmy!

Kitty’s birthday event this year has officially been sneak peek’d!!

What a pretty snowy place!

I earnestly hope that I will have time to play this, in between work, providing art for the Facebook game I am working on, and putting together a Web site for a friend of my Mom who is offering to pay me to do it. @_@

Things are getting crazy!

Now is inarguably the best time to purchase Hello Kitty Online Premium Edition. If you’ve missed all the news, the current promotion will net you $30 worth of in-game cash as well as the collector’s item box, game disc, full-color manual, and postcards for only $20. All you have to do is redeem your retail code before October 24.

My GameStop had it in stock. Its baby pink box stood out quite well. I laughed over it along with the guy behind the counter - he commented that his sister would probably enjoy the game.

The box:

The goodies:

I’ve searched around, and I haven’t found anyone else sharing what happens after you insert the game into your computer. Well, let me show you!

You get this nice little tutorial sequence. It’s the same tutorial that was once posted somewhere on the official site. I can’t seem to find it there any more, but I know that I have seen it before!

The installation itself isn’t particularly exciting. I was hoping for pretty pictures to look at. (This soon got uninstalled - I don’t have the space available for two versions of the same game. 6_6)

I wondered what I was supposed to do in order to get my Cash and special pet. It took some surfing, but I went to this page and then followed the Payments link at the bottom. From there, you select ‘Exclusive Retail Code’ and just fill out everything as it asks.

It took some more hunting, but I finally realized that the retail code that they were asking for was printed on the back of the white envelope that the game disc came in. XD

Woo! That’s a lot of Cash Points!

Er, wait, what happened to the 2,400 Cash Points? D:

I fire up the game to see what went through.

The coin shows up in your Item Delivery tab. Then I checked the Item Mall…

Hmm, only 1,200 Cash Points? :/ Now, are the bonus points going to be added at a later date, or should I be worried? I’ll wait a couple days before I contact a GM or anything.

Anyone else encounter this? If you have a Premium Edition success story (shopping spree, anyone?), I’d love to hear that, too!


Maybe you noticed there’s this Chocolate Harbor Rescue event going on. If this blog post is the first time you’re hearing about it, you’d better hurry up and play, because you have only 24 hours more to experience it! Yeah, this post is pretty late. ._.;;

But I do have these neato screenshots of bits and pieces of the event! These have been taken over the course of the month, I just procrastinated like crazy getting them all posted here.

Pochaccho is explaining what’s going on.

All righty then, let’s get cleaning!

HOOOOOOLY snap that is one big piece of chocolate.

Wha-wha-what’s this?! Hazardous Chocolate monsters!! I must get rid of them! Bunnyfly! This is no time for cheerful humming!


Okay, so the premise behind the event got me a little excited.

The chocopinata looks like this!! It was at this point that I, completely coincidentally, met up with someone that I am acquainted with through Gaia Online. Small virtual world, huh?

The chocopinata looks like this when it ‘breaks.’ A gooey, sloppy, chocolatey mess. Yum.

Strange Cookies, huh? Just… how strange are they?


When I played yesterday, the chocolate pinata appeared very literally right on top of my character. There couldn’t have been a better opportunity to get a nice, clear screenshot of it!

On the map, all of the red player markers were coming towards me… it was cool to watch! XD

Where did everyone get these crazy-looking red monsters for pets? @_@

From the very last pinata that I attacked in the event, I got my own delicious Hazardous Chocolate pet card!

Of course, I named it appropriately.

SO GUYS. Did you hear about the HKO Commercial Launch???

Yeah me neither.

LOL J/K!!!!! All the info is here, and all the goodies that come with that Premium Edition sound yummy. I had actually planned for today to be my mall excursion day over the weekend, having no idea that this boxed set was coming out.

When I went to GameStop, though, they didn’t have it. The guy there said that today might be the shipping date and stores might actually be getting it tomorrow. Well, I’ll save that for a later shopping trip.

While I was at the mall, though, I discovered this KICKIN’ new little shop that had opened up. It was called Pretty Pretty and had a whole wall covered in hair accessories, and quite a bit of a second wall, too. It didn’t have the look of a large chain, and there doesn’t appear to be a Web site for it, so my assumption is that it’s just a tiny business. I nearly died when I saw KAWAII ACCESSORIES. There are zero stores in this area that sell Japanese-inspired jewelry and character accessories.

There was a sale on hair accessories for Buy-2-Get-1-Free, so naturally I picked up three items.

Suupaa kawaii bunnies!! O_O I have NEVER seen any items in this style in any store within 100 miles of where I live. I had to hold myself back from picking up just everything. There is a $10-off-your-next-purchase coupon on the receipt that I got, so I will DEFINITELY be stocking up on more kawaii-style things from this place.

My hair-wardrobe lacks yellow. So I fixed it.

Seriously, who doesn’t love colorful chunky star-shaped beads? This looks really similar to some ponytail holders that I already own, and I’m all about coordination! I would wear this as a bracelet to go with those solid-color stars in the link.

Haha, I got a little sidetracked… I feel like I had a Hello Kitty-ful day despite not being able to pick up the special edition game. Shopping excursions are most successful when you come home with warm fuzzy feelings of having treated yourself to things that make you happy. Okay ‘bye now.

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