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Do you guys want to see something cool?

This is Stencyl. Stencyl is a game-creating platform. You guys like games, don’tcha? Have you ever had ideas to make your own? Maybe you’ve looked into software such as Game Maker and RPG Maker. Maybe you fill notebooks with drawings and ideas for characters and settings and weapons and costumes. Maybe you’ve never done anything of that, but reading about it right now has just perked your interest.

If so, I’m thinking you definitely want to keep your eyes open for Stencyl’s open beta release this fall. Its interface is smoother and easier to navigate than existing game-building software, and it is highly community-driven. If you can’t quite figure out how to script a certain action in your game, you can search for it on StencylForge and find a script someone else has made available for just that purpose.

Super Noni’s Adventure is one of the demonstration games on the official site, showcasing what can be done with Stencyl. I helped in creating it!! The graphics that I contributed will show up as the game expands with more levels. The stages and scripting and music were all put together by friends of mine. Plus, it’s a totally adorable and colorful game and you guys should totally check it out. c;

For more reading on Stencyl, here is an article about it on G4.

Gathered some screenshots together from an MMO I play, Mabinogi, which you can play by visiting its Web site here.  If you play in the Tarlach server, you should totally add Bunnybunny to your friendlist and we can adventure together!

This collection was put together with Scrapblog, which I discovered thanks to Ripplecloud!

If these pictures are too small to read, view it full-size on this page.


Hello Kitty Online isn’t the only MMO holding my interest!  GaiaOnline’s much-anticipated game, titled zOMG! (no, really, that’s its name!) entered its Open Beta phase on Monday of this week.

For a few days, only members with their hands on a Jump-Start Ticket (an item given away as a promotion last month) could play.  Yesterday, Gaia further opened up its zOMG! gates a little more, allowing members who have been registered on the site since 2004 or earlier to play.  That’s me!

(Note: The reason only select members can play at this point is to test the limit of the game servers.  Too many Gaians online at once would crash the game - then no one could play, and that’s no fun!  So, more recent members will get their turn in the game in the coming weeks.)

(Another note: zOMG! has actually been playable for a while - although it was only available to a select amount of Closed Beta testers.  Guess what!  I was one of them!!  But, screenshots and information from that time are strictly confidential, so I have been unable to share anything until now.)

Now that it’s safe for me to share my adventures, I shall wholeheartedly do so!  All you folks who are unable to play the game at this time are getting an exclusive sneak peek!  As with my HKO screenshots, you can click on these to view them full-size.

The game interface looks like this.  zOMG! is, amazingly, an entirely Flash-based game, so all of this takes place right in your Web browser (there is no downloading whatsoever!).  Furthermore, your players is represented as your Gaia avatar, so you can look awesome from the very start!  No more worries about other players labeling you NOOB just because you don’t have any good equipment yet.

Anyway, in that picture, I am chatting with an NPC about how awesome we are.  Rina seems to like yellow, but my favorite color is…


One of the most memorable aspects of zOMG!, and Gaia in general, is the dialogue.  Interesting characters around every corner!

zOMG! isn’t anywhere close to being as pink as HKO, but I still managed to find some pretty spots to rest for a bit.

The Null Chamber is a mysterious place… the Experience Orbs picked up during your journey can be channeled into your rings, making them (and you!) stronger.

 I found a little friend!  This isn’t an enemy, just a cute environmental critter.

The area just outside of Barton Town is a golf course… or, as Gaians would call it, a Goof course.  Apparently, the statues can talk?  And they know our names?

Thought it would be a good idea to talk about how fighting works.  It’s certainly more interesting than HKO.  Click on your ring icons to use them… my only damage-dealing ring right now is Solar Rays, which is very shiny and cool!  As you use them more, you can charge them up and perform stronger attacks!  The battling system is very dynamic and awesome, and there is great potential for customization!

This one isn’t a screenshot of the game - this is one of the shops on Gaia’s main site.  Loot collected in zOMG! can be crafted into cool stuff, if you manage to find a recipe!  Here, I have recipes for a Badge (I think that’s something you can tack onto your profile to show you’ve done some kind of achievement) and… a rainbow pinwheel!  Cool!  I need to get to work collecting those items, so I can craft those recipes!

Some helpful links:


My GaiaOnline Profile (be my friend!)

zOMG! Wikia (cool videos and info here!)

News of this game has been around for a year, and fans waited in anticipation all the while.  We’ve endured false release dates, which led to brutal delays, but now… now… Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility is finally available.

HM: ToT is the largest installment of the series yet.  First of all, the world in which your character resides (Waffle Island), is huge.  It would take much more than one in-day game to explore the entire island.

There are a ton of crops to grow, several in each season (previous titles have neglected crops that can grow in Winter).  When it comes to animals, there is even more variety.  Your coop houses both chickens and silkworms, and the barn houses not only cows, sheep, and your horse, but also goats and an osterich.  Osterich eggs sell for a pretty penny, but more intriguingly, once you obtain a saddle, you can also ride it.  Crazy?  Yes.  Fun?  Very yes.

There is much more customization in this game than there has been in previous games in the series.  Furniture for your home can be purchased (several different styles/motifs are available) and can be rotated and rearranged.  What’s more, your character can buy new clothes for him/herself (if the image on the box cover weren’t a hint, you can choose to play as either a male or female protagonist) and mix and match with different hats.

Building relationships with townsfolk is always a core element of Harvest Moon games.  HM:ToT boasts an unbelievable 50+ islanders to interact with and befriend.  Out of those, 16 are marriage candidates (8 for the female protagonist and 8 for the male) and most of them have rivals that you will need to compete with to win their heart.  Once you are married, your child can be either a boy or girl (you can choose which one you prefer if you don’t want to leave it up to chance) and the spouse that you chose determines the child’s appearance and personality.

There’s so much content to this game, I haven’t gotten anywhere close to covering it all.  For example, besides working on the farm and talking with townsfolk, there are other ways to spend your time - fishing, foraging, mining…

Oh, and did I mention that the Harvest Goddess is missing, and the Harvest Sprites need you to help them restore the Island’s rainbows?

Here’s a video of lots of gameplay~  (Hopefully after today, there will be lots more videos with the dialogue in English…)

I love the overall concept of this game so much, I’ll be keeping a little diary of my character’s progress!!  It will be hosted here in this very blog, so keep in touch~

Sources for more HM:ToT information (and all the pretty artwork!):

Ranch Story’s Tree of Tranquility Info Pages

Ushi no Tane’s Tree of Tranquility Info Pages

Pokémon Diamond & Pearl hold the title for being the best-selling games in the series, and in response to that popularity comes a third installment in this fourth generation.  Pokémon Platinum has been available in Japan since September 13th (no news on when to expect to see it elsewhere in the world quite yet), and is getting nothing but good reviews!

What’s new in Platinum?  Read about all of the changes here, but I’ll list some highlights for you.

New “formes” for some of the Legendary Pokémon:

Rotom now takes the form of several electronic appliances~

The last major cosmetic change to the game is the spiffy new winter clothing worn by the hero Trainers.

And we all thought the male Trainer couldn’t look any more ridiculous.

I loved playing through Diamond, and I certainly wouldn’t mind doing it again.  I’m ready for my next Pokémon adventure - I can has North American release date now please??

Best online sources for Pokémon info:



What kind of Pokémon are you, how do you do the things you do?

One of the most beloved mechanics of the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games is the personality test at the beginning, which determines the Pokémon you will assume the role of to explore the world and its mysteries.

From Pokémon’s official Web site comes a simulation of the game’s test.

The questions are very original and delve deeper into the personality than, say, “What is your favorite color?”

I’d love to hear the sorts of results you all come up with! :3


Bulba, bulba saaaauuurrr!!

I love cute monsters, so I’m greatly looking forward to the Pet system in HKO.

In this category, I’ve talked a little bit about some favorite games… but I haven’t really gotten into specific characters yet.  Well, ever since gamers around the world first got a glimpse of the Super Smash Bros. Brawl teaser a few years ago, the introduction of new characters caused quite a bit of excitement.

As for me, yeah, I was excited… mostly about this cute little guy right here.

Awwww!!  He’s so cute, like a little puppy!  With wings.  And spiky hair.  Okay fine, so he’s not at all like a puppy. Emote - :P

Wow!  What a long way he’s come!  I was playing his game of origin, Kid Icarus, during the time that he still looked like this…

In only 20 years, it’s amazing how technology has evolved!!  Will we be seeing a return of Pit starring in his own game again soon, on the Wii platform?  There are so many girls in love with him at this point, it would be a crime for Nintendo to deny us that. Emote - Crying

The latest installment in the Mega Man series will be available on September 22!  Fans of retro-style games were filled with joy after seeing Mega Man 9 revealed at E3 this year.  Naturally, I am one of them!

Watch the intro here (can you spot the Chun-Li cameo?):

I’m excited about this because the 8-Bit era of the old NES days are what introduced me to video games and - I swear this is 100% truthful - it is from playing video games that fueled my imagination and steered me towards becoming a creative and artistic person. Such fantastic characters and adventures!! Who wouldn’t be inspired, at that young age?

If you’re interested in playing Mega Man 9, don’t waste time looking for it on shelves at the store. It can only be played by purchasing it on WiiWare, Playstation Network, or X-Box Live Arcade.

This super sparkly time-management game is about a cute fairy girl who is trying to grow into her full power by revivng gardens (which are filled with adorable flower characters who grant her magic power as thanks~).

There is a lot to keep your eye on while playing - not only will you constantly be watering those supercute plants, but pests such as bugs and weeds will show up frequently and threaten to drain the life away from your little paradise!  You’ve got to help Holly (that’s the fairy girl’s name) defend the garden and restore it to a thriving and beautiful grove.

The plot is played out in the form of brightly colored comic book pages. Emote - ^-^

You can play a flash-based demo of the game on this page.

Look at more screenshots in this DreamStudio video I put together!

If you’re lucky, you might be able to find a copy of this game in a store, but you can also purchase it online and download it directly to your computer~

Rune Factory is a totally sweet and heartwarming game!!  Its full title is Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.  It includes the staples of the traditional Harvest Moon series - a young man inherits a farm and begins raising crops and animals, while interacting socially (and romantically!) with the nearby villagers - but RF incorporates a nifty twist: it is an RPG!  Not only must the player manage their time and resources in maintaining their farm, but now there is the added content of exploring dungeons, crafting weapons and armor, and fighting monsters.

Here is the intro of the game.  The song is lovely but has some bizarrely incoherent lyrics.

I finished this game some time ago, but still find myself returning to it due to its simplicity and charm. I love the idea that the plants that you grow become a source of magical power - doesn’t that just sound so romantic?

Speaking of romance, there are numerous girls in the village who are marriage candidates for the game’s hero, Raguna.  My character married Tori, the soft-spoken bookworm.  Which girl is your favorite?

Ushi no Tane’s Rune Factory Page ~ This is a very thorough guide to the game!

Rune Factory is about half a year old by now, but I’m looking forward to the release of Rune Factory 2, coming to Nintendo DS on October 16!  Not only that, but Rune Factory Frontier is in the process of being made on the Wii!!  There’s loads of RFF content out there, and I will probably dedicate a future post to all the beautiful screenshots and other content.

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