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Happy Valentine’s Day, all you beautiful people!!  Have fun in today’s special HKO event for me, as I will sadly not be home to attend.  It was fun to play the bit of HKO that I did, though, because the last time I played it was before Christmas!

Will probably edit this post in a bit to show you guys these amazing cupcakes I just made! 



I’m really excited about this, guys!

Did you notice that I updated the links in my blogroll? <3

Give those sites a looking-over. <3

Anyway, I just published my online portfolio, which has an illustration gallery and even cute things you can buy!

Pleasepleaseplease pay it a visit. n_n

There is also a gallery on Deviant Art that is an extension of that portfolio, so add that gallery to your Watchlist if you are a member there!

You can also become a fan on Facebook in order to get updates on my designs!

I’m finally being serious about my art and trying to market myself, so I appreciate any support you can offer!  I love this community and the friends I’ve made here mean a lot to me. <3  Thank you for always being kind.  When I have contests and art giveaways, I’ll be sure to post about it here in addition to those other places, so you guys won’t be left out.

Hey everyone!  Thanks bunches for your kind comments about my hats!  Once again I find myself pining for a ‘reply’ feature for our comments here at SanrioTown…

In other news, hurray for October downloads!  It took a while this month, huh? 

Anyway, adore the Little Twin Stars header:

In fact, I made avatar art to match it to throw in my post style for Gaia Online!

   Fave on DeviantArt // SheezyArt

Also, WORD ON THE STREET is that the GMs over at Aeria are testing out HKO events for Hello Kitty’s birthday.  You know what that means??  We are probably getting open beta by November 1st!!  *crosses fingers*

Check out these hats I made!  They are both made from white fleece and pink flannel.

Hello Kitty hat!!  Fave on DeviantArt // SheezyArt (follow links for more photos)

Bunny hat!!  Fave on DeviantArt // Sheezy art (follow links for more photos)

Whoops, I meant to post this about two days ago!

Happy Birthday My Melody by ~MagicalGirlYossy on deviantART

This past Saturday was her birthday~

How could I draw something for Hello Kitty but not for my favorite character?

(By the way, My Melody’s birthday came marked on the calendar I got for Christmas! )

In other news, today I will work on making my entry for the Sanrio Yummies Cooking Contest all spiffed up and presentable!

Happy birthday, Hello Kitty! Wow, you’re 34 years old! Here’s a picture to celebrate girls all over the world staying young forever!
Love always,
- B u n n y W i n x -

Happy Birthday Hello Kitty by ~MagicalGirlYossy on deviantART

Cool!  I was featured on the blogs celebrating Hello Kitty’s birthday!

Official SanrioTown Blog (Chinese)

Hello Kitty World (my message is mistyped in this post! XD)

While waiting for crabs to respawn, I grew very bored and started doodling… here’s a pic of my unremarkable HKO character~

Brown hair… red eyes… I look the same as hundreds of other people!

I drew these before I even knew about the existance of the Ponystars game… just goes to show you that I really am just a kid inside!!

Pretty Pink Pony by ~MagicalGirlYossy on deviantART


Pretty Pixie Pony by ~MagicalGirlYossy on deviantART

Ohnoes, I’ve already posted Pokémon art…  Um, how about these Kirby pics?!  Yeah, Kirby Super Star Ultra was just recently released, too~

Very Kirby Christmas to You by ~MagicalGirlYossy on deviantART

The Happy World of Kirby by ~MagicalGirlYossy on deviantART

Have I told you that I have a pet parakeet??   Her name is Yuki!

Here’s a photo from when we had just brought her home a couple years ago.


Here’s my artistic rendering of Yuki as a storybook princess.

Princess Yuki by ~MagicalGirlYossy on deviantART

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