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The diary of Alyce, a girl who suddenly finds herself in the colorful and whimsical Waffle Town. All is not well here - the Harvest Goddess has vanished and the rainbows have faded away. Alyce will have to work hard to unlock the island’s mysteries and restore tranquility to the land.

On these pages, you will find diary entries belonging to Alyce, a fictional character from the universe of the video game Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility.  They follow along with notes I took while playing through the game~  It’s all in fun, so read it and fulfill your smile quota of the day! 

Clear Skies, Stormy Seas

Welcome to Waffle Town

No Place Like Home

The Root in the Way

Flower Festival, and the Quilt

Story of the Mother Tree

Restoring Daren’s Rainbow!

Animal Festival, Summer Wishes

Change of Heart, and the Ocean Festival

Summer of Love, Part 1

Building Friendships

Summer of Love, Part 2

Waffle Island Tradition

Fall Wishes, Good Food!

Bluebird’s Feather, and Restoring Collin’s Rainbow

Ben’s Rainbow, and Mt. Gelato

The Mama Bear, and Alan

Hearts Far Apart, and the Goddess Spring

Fall Festivals, More Good Food!

Welcoming Winter with the Blue Feather

Welcoming Winter with a Wedding

The House is Becoming a Home

Restoring Alan’s Rainbow, and Meeting Edge

More chapters coming soon!

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