August 2011
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Got a new post in which I thank all of the awesome people who read this blog with a cute gif, and talk a bit about the immediate updates that are coming up for the site as well as some games that are coming out soon. Yeah, it’s kind of a long one! 8D;

New post in which the first baby steps toward my new princessy life are taken~ (Translation: I got my dress.

New comicin which the first step is admitting you have a problem, and there aren’t really any steps after that.

Two new art posts today. :D Maimai the adorable pink puppy and Toadette hosting a tea party!

New post in which birthday shenanigans are afoot. There MIGHT be some Hello Kitty in this post.

New post in which I show off some of my sewing projects, plus exciting developments concerning my Princess Training. 83

Got this new post over at my blog in which the Nintendo 3DS’ price reduction is glorified, complete with convenient links to get your hands on one!

I’ve got a new post over at my main blog in which some fabulous shoes are featured!

Today I would like to talk about shoes. My reasoning behind choosing this particular category is because there’s this store, see, and it’s got these pretty mind-blowing shoes.

See what I mean?

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