May 2011
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New post in which I take my first step in becoming a princess.

New post in which we all learn about how shopping works on Rakuten. This is going to be necessary for future shopping posts!

New comic in which Vivi is introduced.

New post in which we go behind the Boutique and I get organized. Also giant pony princesses.

Today would have been awesome if my bunny hadn’t chewed through my mouse cord. :,c

Mannnnn why does this keep happening?  I guess it’s safe to assume that he’s responsible for my tablet, too. u_u

Well, these are all lessons.  Need to keep a closer eye on this rabbit and keep cords wrapped up and out of his reach at all times.

RIP pink mouse with cute little flowers that lit up in different colors. ;0;

So anyway this seems like a good time to further promote my big honkin’ Donate button. It’s in the sidebar on the right. Can you see it? I just want to be sure.

Anyone who wants to contribute to my Replace Electronics my Bunny Ruined fund can give it a big ol’ click and I will freaking love you forever.  I’ll draw art of any kind for anyone who donates, more info on that right here.

And today’s comic was going to be introducing my bunny, too. :c But he’s been a BAD BUNNY, so NO COMIC FOR HIM.

New comic in which the lights go out.

New post in which I play Gardening Mama. c:  Happy Mother’s Day!

New comic in which there are suddenly animals. We won’t commonly see multiple comics/drawings in one day, but I wanted to do this one now because it’s only relevant for three days so.

New comic in which the first ever comic happens.

New post in which we take a peek at some of the work going on for my upcoming Boutique! Also, have you checked the Portfolio page? It’s vastly filling out as I stuff it full of content from DA!

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