January 2011
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Eh, I wanted to post screenshots of the New York map and quests before January ended, but I don’t feel like cropping my pictures and stuff right now. Uwuh.

So instead, let’s talk about the new Sanrio character that was announced a week or so ago! Her name is Wish Me Mell, a cute French bunny with a rainbow tail.

Isn’t she cute? I like the scrapbooky-kind-of effect caused by cute illustrations combined with photorealistic pressed flowers.

Wish Me Mell is a special sort of Sanrio character. When her web site was first launched, the only image was of her egg-shaped house, and a caption saying that she is very shy. There were e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, and blog links, so people all over the world sent her messages saying how much they wanted to meet her and soon, all of the kind messages lured her out from her home! Sanrio has said that Wish Me Mell is a character deeply integrated with today’s social networking habits.

Here are those links for you: Wish Me Mell’s Site, Facebook profile, Twitter, and blog.

I like this character a lot! Hope you do, too!

Good morning, everyone!!

Haha, mornings for me are like 12:30. Can’t help it! I work late.

Tomorrow is when the first big content update for HKO happens. O_O Luckily it’s also a day off for me. That coincided quite nicely. Hopefully playing HKO won’t detract me from the stuff I have to do tomorrow, like grocery shopping and some art work that has a deadline coming up soon.

I’m kind of posting this ’cause I just read an article saying that writing in a journal after waking up gets you more motivated to do stuff for the day. BLOGS ARE LIKE JOURNALS, RIGHT?


‘Kay, ‘bye now!

New York (and its surrounding areas) is officially opening up as a new map.

Looks like all kinds of new items and outfits and monsters will be arriving soon!

Is anyone else surprised that we got New York before Tokyo? Especially after Tokyo and its surrounding areas were revealed on the world map a little while ago, while New York was still hidden under clouds.

Am I complaining? No!! I can’t wait to start playing HKO again~

Happy New Year, everyone! Later tonight is a party being held in the US server, and I plan to gather screenshots of the event!

In the meanwhile, enjoy these screenshots of the Capers & Celebrations event, including lots of sneak peeks at the sparkly new New York map!

The first thing I tried upon logging in was check to see if New York’s location on the world map had been cleared of clouds… Here’s what I saw! It’s still hiding, but it’s got a catchy new name! XD

I was in London at the time, and didn’t mind taking time to admire the scintillating decorations!

PRESENTS! Look at them all! Glorious! Splendid!

The path to New York is in the North-East corner of Sanrio Harbor, right next to the Deku Scrubs. @3@

Wow! I’m in New York! Brrrrrr… it’s chilly here. Hey! I know that guy! He was the shopkeeper NPC way back in the day, before the bunny NPC came about!

New York’s area map looks like this!

*o* Oh boy! I get to explore now! …Oh, and I guess gather evidence.

Here is where Santa and Mr. Jinch are hanging out. I suppose I should go help them ou- OHMAHGAWD THE BRIDGE IS TOPPED WITH CUPCAKES.

STAMP. Cool buildings. Beware lost dogs and vicious squirrels.

Some kind of construction is happening here. Cute construction!

A cute pink construction.

I snuck into the art museum! Tee hee hee!

Okay so anyway.

Here is Santa’s Invitation after picking it up from the Item Mall. CHRISTMAS QUEST SEQUENCE… INITIATING.

…And here we are. I also picked up a snazzy hat.

TIME TO DO SOME MORE EXPLORING oh and I guess help Santa.

Awww, what a cute snowy version of Central Park. Let’s go ice skating!

Happy alligator bank! n>n

What is this seal’s name? I kind of automatically refer to him as Mamegoma but I know that’s the wrong adorable white seal. x_X


That’s all I got for now, hope you enjoyed the screenshots! See ya at the party tonight!

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