December 2010
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Got to play a little bit of HKO yesterday and catch a glimpse of the goings-on. New York is a gorgeous map, with lots of snowy scenery and cute-ified skyscrapers! I took screenshots, but I’ll save them for a later post.

The latest Sanrio newsletter included a link to this charming little Flash video.

I thought I’d share it here because the link is easy to miss, and not everyone is on the Sanrio mailing list! So, there is your happy holiday greeting from Kitty & friends.

Merry Christmas everybody! ^o^ Keep on being adorable!


All updates say this event started on the 15th, but the notice only just appeared in my inbox today. (And I mean my regular e-mail, not the currently under-maintenance SanrioTown e-mail.)

So yeah I guess I’m a week behind everyone else. D:

You may or may not know, but SanrioTown is updating its e-mail service. With no warning whatsoever, all SanrioTown users’ e-mails are totally inaccessible until about a month from now. Yikes! I shudder to think of what some users must be going through, who use their SanrioTown e-mail for school or work purposes. Thankfully mine is only for personal use & Sanrio newsletters.

But that wasn’t what scared me.

For the past three days, I have been completely unable to login to my SanrioTown account. Login attempts, no matter how carefully I typed in my username and password, led me to a “Login Failed” screen.

I feared at first that my account had been jeopardized at some point during the update - but the url for my blog still worked okay, so I knew my identity was still locked in there somewhere. I would have been afraid of hacking if I had any memory of using this password anywhere else, but unless a scammer got a hold of my password with a keylogger, there had been no opportunities for anyone to snag my password.

I did not attempt to login to HKO. I was terrified of finding that I’d been locked out of that, also.

Finally, this morning, after attempting to contact SanrioTown via their Facebook page to no response, I attempted a password retrieval. This nearly led me to an even greater upset, because as I typed in my username and alternate e-mail address, I received the error message: Please type a valid username. That scared the heck out of me. “BunnyWinx” was not a valid username. Neither was “”. Once again, fears of my entire account being deleted were surfacing.

And then I thought of something.

I typed my username in all lowercase letters.

It worked.

I don’t know what SanrioTown changed about their service, but they’ve made e-mail addresses and usernames case-sensitive now. And even if you’ve always logged in with capitalized letters, your username will not be accepted until you type it in using lowercase letters now.

Three days of fearing that I’d lost my HKO character and $40 worth of Loyalty Points & Cash Points, all because they changed all usernames to lowercase.

Sorry for this long, drawn-out post, but I wanted to put this information out there. If anyone else is having difficulties accessing their accounts, make sure you’re typing your username in entirely lowercase letters.

Hoping to post again soon about holiday fun.

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