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I reviewed Tamagotchi in August of 2008 (wow!!!!) because I think that the super colorful world and cast of adorable characters is perfectly appealing to Hello Kitty fans. :3

Earlier this year, the newest toy in the Tamagotchi franchise, the Tama-Go, was released and is now available in stores. There is so much to do in this new toy! You can even purchase additional Gotchi Figures, which attach to the top of the Tama-Go and unlock more games, toys, shops, and other activities for your pet to play with (it varies depending on which figure you pick up). I’ve got only the Chamametchi one, but Violetchi and Memetchi are on my Christmas wish list.

Perhaps the main draw of the new Tama-Go is that you can connect your virtual toy with a Flash-based game portal on The world is so amazingly colorful and cute!

Today I dove into Tamatown with my current pet, the lovely Lovelitchi. Here are my adventures!

Sweet Swirly City is only one of the maps you can explore with your pet. There are shops where you can buy toys and decorations for your house, and lots of Flash minigames that earn you points, experience, and money.

This is a pet store. Lovelitchi loves cute animals!!

The flower park is so pretty! Other people who are playing at the same time as you are will usually strike up a conversation and add you to their list of friends.

This is one of the minigames. So cute! If you enjoy the games in HKO, the Flash games in Tamatown are comparable.

Whoaaa I like this store!! @w@

Additional outfits are available for some characters. Lovelitchi gets a lot of cute ones.

Hiya, folks! HOW ABOUT SOME SLIGHTLY LATE SCREENSHOTS?? You guys like screenshots, don’t you?

Man, I have been putting this off and putting this off, because I have SO MANY SCREENSHOTS. @_@ So here’s a warning for you: Incoming extremely image-heavy post!

The world of SanrioLand is all decorated and stuff! Here’s this handy-dandy quick-jump to London, where the festivities are being held! Bunnyfly took the words right out of my mouth.

Hello what is going on here.

All kinds of NPCs and merchants have gathered around. There are some cool quests to be doing!

The Snowy Wonderland is a new map located near the London festivities. There are some excited partygoing animals here, unique plants, and pretty music.

That… is a big… boxpig.

Sometimes, Mega Partypig gets upset, so everyone gathers around and thwacks him with our happy-sticks.

“Feels good man.” XD

The Snowy Wonderland map looks like this.

Sometimes, you’ll get bundles of stuff. Open them up for even more giftboxes and other goodies.

Here’s a bundle of things from the pretty plants.

Incredible Firework? What’s that?


Aaaaah…. *o*

Finally spent my Sanrio Cash and went on an Item Mall shopping spreeeeeeee!! With the lovely Rose of Versailles deed, I’m ready to level my farm~

Very important for thwacking monsters to make them happy. Yup. That’s how Birthday Cheer works.

I thought this wand accessory was pretty! And it was on sale, so I seized the opportunity to nab it.

Okay, I have been totally obsessed with the Parisian Ornate outfit for a good, long while. I even made a thread about it, before it was even listed in the Item Mall. AND NOW IT’S MINE!! 8D

Yup, definitely like this Sparkly Pen. Say farewell to the simple white BunnyWinx outfit…


…and HELLO to the fabulously frilly and frivolous Parisian Ornate BunnyWinx!!


This Cute wand definitely does more damage than the freebie one you get from the quest.

O_O That is… quite a caterpillar. If the Mr. President line is a reference to something, I don’t get it. ;_;

Logging in and seeing my awesome new avatar is pretty exciting.

Time for the main event! It’s the day of Kitty’s birthday and everyone is here to celebrate!

There are sooooo many people here!

Everyone worked together to make the party animals happy! *o* (by hitting them with sticks)

That Mega Partypig wouldn’t be upset for very long! Soooo many people gathered around him to help cheer him up!

OMG! O_O There are even Partypigs in London! How did they get here??

Everyone gathered around the fountain for a group picture to remember the event by forever!

I even changed my settings to remove everyone’s names, so the picture would look prettier.


It was pretty exciting when none other than GM Abby stopped by!! I think she missed seeing the BoxPigs all over town, though, which would have made her a very happy person. It was so nice to see her again!

We did this many times. @_@ Hopefully the GMs were happy with at least one of these attempts.

Some people got mischievous with their emotes! After this were some GM games. It was good times all around. Happy Birthday Hello Kitty and Mimmy!

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