September 2010
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Maybe you noticed there’s this Chocolate Harbor Rescue event going on. If this blog post is the first time you’re hearing about it, you’d better hurry up and play, because you have only 24 hours more to experience it! Yeah, this post is pretty late. ._.;;

But I do have these neato screenshots of bits and pieces of the event! These have been taken over the course of the month, I just procrastinated like crazy getting them all posted here.

Pochaccho is explaining what’s going on.

All righty then, let’s get cleaning!

HOOOOOOLY snap that is one big piece of chocolate.

Wha-wha-what’s this?! Hazardous Chocolate monsters!! I must get rid of them! Bunnyfly! This is no time for cheerful humming!


Okay, so the premise behind the event got me a little excited.

The chocopinata looks like this!! It was at this point that I, completely coincidentally, met up with someone that I am acquainted with through Gaia Online. Small virtual world, huh?

The chocopinata looks like this when it ‘breaks.’ A gooey, sloppy, chocolatey mess. Yum.

Strange Cookies, huh? Just… how strange are they?


When I played yesterday, the chocolate pinata appeared very literally right on top of my character. There couldn’t have been a better opportunity to get a nice, clear screenshot of it!

On the map, all of the red player markers were coming towards me… it was cool to watch! XD

Where did everyone get these crazy-looking red monsters for pets? @_@

From the very last pinata that I attacked in the event, I got my own delicious Hazardous Chocolate pet card!

Of course, I named it appropriately.

My September Fools joke this year is that there is no such holiday as September Fool’s Day. Genius!!

Woo! Finally did some sorting out of the blogroll. I think that I finally have all of the GMs listed there now. I really need to start playing in the International server, because the International GMs with their awesomesauce blogroll buttons seem to be like such cool folks!!

I’ve also reorganized my friends’ blogs. You probably know the rhyme “Make new friends, but keep the old; One is silver and the other gold”. So, my new blogroll categories are divided into friends that I made pre-openbeta (most of them are totally inactive now… :c But they were my dear friends and will remain in my blogroll because they are awesome and special!) and all the super-fun new folks I’m meeting now that I’m participating in GM events when I can. YAY FRIENDSHIP.

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