June 2010
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Hi guys, what’s up? Not much happening on my end.

I’d like to contribute to this Day in the Life of HKO stuff, but my creative well has run dry and I can’t think of anything clever. =_= BunnyWinx’s adventures have come to a standstill as I find myself too lazy to fetch all of those uncommon drops that are required from badguys much stronger than herself.

Hmm… I can’t remember what I was going to say besides that! I guess I just wanted to check in on this blog and let everyone know that I’m still around.

That crazy Mole Invasion event was this past weekend. If you missed it, here are some screenshots I took of the invasions, special maps, and dialogue! As usual, click on any of these to see them full-size.


The moles are so cute, you almost feel bad whacking them. Almost.

Whichever developer came up with the word “wootywootwoot” deserves an award and a hug.

On the last day of the event, Peter Davis had a special mission for everyone. We got this kooky hat and must use it to infiltrate the moles’ headquarters. That’s right. We’re mole ninjas.

The secret entrance in West Florapolis Valley.

I MADE IT. I am among the enemy. Interesting to note that the Star Moles reside in a Little Twin Star-themed farm.

The Star Moles are funny folks. I enjoyed their dialogue.


Is this the nefarious mole leader?! That’s no mole, that’s a monkey in a mole suit! A monkey, I tell you! A monkeeeeeeeeeyyy!!
(He wears a disguise to look like mole guys, but you’re not a mole, you’re a monkey, Monkichi.)

Y’know, from behind, my hairstyle’s low pigtails look like the mole hat’s little feet.

So the villain’s intentions are revealed…

A reward that will likely be stockpiled in my farm storage, never touched, to act as a reminder of this kooky event.


Pretty psyched about this. The event sounds totally nuts and I can’t wait to participate in it.

In the meanwhile, I promised you guys some screenshots! Check out BunnyWinx’s new look!

Finally, wearing some pink!! She looks dressed to TAKE ON ANYTHING with that kicky scarf.

And here are some pics of my new home! It’s definitely refreshing to do some farmwork in some different surroundings rather than that other boring li’l field.

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