May 2010
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Didja guys hear the latest?? HKO is transitioning back into the hands of Sanrio Digital instead of Aeria Games. Read the full informational thread here.

This came as a surprise to me. It felt like when HKO got handed over to Aeria, it faced some pretty massive improvements, and the customer support team and GMs were receptive and responsive. Aeria has been around for a while and knows what they’re doing.

It’s not that I don’t expect Sanrio Digital to be professional, its just that their iterations of HKO seemed less… polished. I suppose it could just chalk up to the fact that the earlier versions were just that - earlier. They were less polished only because they came first, and only after player feedback abounded were improvements made. Those improvements just happened to go hand-in-hand with the switch over to Aeria.

I believe in you, Sanrio Digital!! Let’s all work together to make HKO an exciting and wonderful game world!!

Anyway, it sounds like we’ll be getting Sanrio’s GMs back. Hopefully this means we’ll be seeing Bacon and Neverender and Abbey and all those fun folks again! YAY!!

By the way, I took full advantage of the Loyalty Point promotion at the beginning of the month, and now I have so many Loyalty Points I don’t even know what to do with them all! My character has had a makeover and I was even able to upgrade my farm (so excited to be looking at some different surroundings!!). Will post some screenshots of those in the nearing future!

I gave a little squee when I signed in today and saw this month’s header.

My Melody and her Mama!!  Sooooo cute!

Even with the new header, it looks like the Downloads page hasn’t been updated yet.  But we’ll probably be seeing new wallpapers and such tomorrow or the day after or so.

Wow, a monthly update actually in the first week of the month?!  This is like a new record for SanrioTown!

j/k ilu guys.

Got an answer from the SanrioTown marketing folks.

If any of you were interested, the premium e-mail services are granting five times as much Loyalty Points, too.   Check out this page for a refresher course.  See that one that will net you 20,000 points?  That’ll grant you 100,000 points from now until the tenth.  For twenty bucks, that’s not so bad. 

I should probably get into playing HKO again if I’m actually dishing out money towards making my character look cool. XD

In other news, still no sign of my prize plush in the mail.  But I shall remain ever hopeful.  Someday, my plush will come. 

Hiyas, everybody!

No word from SanrioTown about the premium e-mail services granting five times as much Loyalty Points, but I do have a fun update for you all!

Did you notice that I made a page for my emoticons?  Yup, right over there on the right sidebar, above the blogroll and all thems junks.  It’s an added convenience for the both of us - now I don’t need to scroll through my folders of uploads whenever I want to use one, and you guys can use them for free, too!


Five times the Loyalty Points earned from now to the tenth?  Yes, please!

I’ve sent an e-mail to the SanrioTown marketing folks asking if the bonus also applies to signing up for those premium e-mail services.  As you can see here, the rewards for getting those premium services are pretty hefty.  Can you imagine those being multiplied by five?

Will keep you guys updated if I get an answer.

By the way, SanrioTown contacted me about receiving my prize from the Easter Egg Hunt event, so now it’s just a matter of time before my new plush shows up in the mail.  c:  I can’t wait!

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