April 2010
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Whew!!  I almost missed this year’s Earth Day event!

I only ever seem to play HKO when events are going on… Not like I mind.  I’ll just stockpile all these event items and hold on to them forever.

Check out these screenshots of some of the exclusive stuff going on.

This awesome line from Keroppi needed to stay in my memories forever…

The Litter Bug showed up in Florapolis and made a mess!  But we taught him not to mess with Sanrio Land!  (Actually I think this character is totally cute.  I mean look at that little bow tie.)

Talking to Badtz-Maru could warp you to this Secret Garden location.  Apparently it was quite a mess at the beginning of the event, but everyone worked together to clean it up and now there are exclusive crops growing there. <3

The Secret Greenhouse map just a little deeper inside the Secret Garden.  More crops to harvest from.  It’s a pretty, quiet place. c:

Did you guys notice my name on the list of winners for the Easter Egg Hunt??

I’m so excited about getting my plush in the mail!  I’ll show pictures when I get it. c:

It looks like there’s an Earth Day Event going on in HKO.  I’ll just have to set aside some time to play it and get those special promotional items!

I only ever seem to play HKO when events are going on. n_n;

Hey folks!

Today I thought I’d share with you all a couple of AMAAAZINGLY adorable Japanese shopping sites I’ve found.  They both are sellers of supercute jewelry, accessories, and some apparel, and while everything holds to a youthful appearance, they are actually intended for wear by adult  and young women.   Hello Kitty is all about staying youthful and cute and sweet forever, so I thought you guys would get a kick out of this stuff.

The first is  Swimmer.  I mean seriously just look at that landing page.  Click on ‘Online Shop’ and browse around by category, or check out the newest updates by sorting by ‘What’s New’.

Here is some of my favorite Swimmer merchandise.

Oh man.  A carousel horse.  My inner child is squealing with joy even louder than usual.

Not only does it look pretty, but it’s an accessory holder!  You can hook pairs of earrings around the top, and the middle, chandelier-looking bit can hold onto necklaces or bracelets.

It’s available in other colors, too!

This one is spiffy for any other girlie gamers here.

It’s a DS case!  There are several designs available, but I like this one the best.

Although I think if I really wanted to deco my DS, I would actually glue real lace and ribbon bows on there.  I’m a little wild like that!

Okay, now onto the second shop.  This is one that I just discovered last night.  You might even have heard of it - it is called Chocomint.

Chocomint is a little bit harder to browse than Swimmer, because all of its navigation is in Japanese.  However, you can just run the URL through Babel Fish, and it will be much easier to shop around.  (The same goes for Swimmer - the article descriptions make a lot more sense when you can actually read them!)

I’ve got to say that so far, this decorative tea utensil set is one of the prettiest things I’ve ever seen, and I mean, like, ever.

It’s really easy to click on one item in this shop, see the links for related results, and end up in an infinite loop of discovering new things that are so adorable that you just make little “aww” noises out loud.  For like half an hour.

Well, that’s about as much direction I can give you.  All I can say is to check out the places for yourself and go cute-crazy.

I’ve never actually ordered anything from these folks, so I actually have no clue if they ship internationally or anything.  But that’s something to find out!

Uhh… when was the last time I made a blog entry here?  *checks*

Oops!  My bad, guys!  I totally meant to be more active here!

To make up for it, check out these mini cupcakes I made for Easter!  It was my first time working with piped icing, so I tried out all kinds of different things!  I love just looking at the colors!! *o*

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