February 2010
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I’ve just discovered this incredible new blog!

❤ ❤  The Princess Portal ❤ ❤

You must check it out!  There are countless entries covering a multitude of fantastic, beautiful writings about living the life of a princess, pampering yourself, taking care of your body and esteem, seeing beauty in everyday things and discovering new beautiful things.

I think it is best summarized on this page, which bears ‘The Princess Code.’  I will share the text here because OMG WHY HAVEN’T YOU FOLLOWED THE LINKS YET?

What does it mean to be a Princess?

This is the question I asked my friends and fellow Princesses, and quickly discovered it means many things to many people! Being a princess is empowering, inspiring, fulfilling. We follow our dreams, chase after our hopes and make wishes apon shooting stars and birthday candles. Being a princess is about spoiling yourself a bit, indulging in the decadance of royalty, taking pleasure in beautiful moments and the luxury of life. Being a princess is about courage and dignity and duty and it is about fun and frivolity and joy! All these things and more form the ideals we hold in our hearts, our priniciples and philosophy.

It is for this reason that I have created the Princess Code. A list of affirmations if you like, or aspirations - things we aspire towards. These words are treasures, entrusted to me by the Princesses who wrote them, to be shared with you. Please read them, enjoy them and take them to heart.

The Princess Code

  • A Princess inspires others to follow their hopes and dreams through pursuing her own.
  • A Princess greets everyone with a welcoming smile, melting the hearts of friends and disarming her enemies.
  • A Princess has dignity, which protects her from the opinions and spite of ignorant people.
  • A Princess always looks beautiful, even when she is asleep.
  • A Princess aims for perfection in every step.
  • A Princess should be given fresh flowers everyday, even if she has to give them to herself.
  • A Princess grows in recognition and stature in proportion to how much she treats others as royalty.
  • A Princess reflect’s her inner beauty in her aesthetic choices.
  • A Princess goes to war against the violence of incivility with the weapons of etiquette and prodigal generosity.
  • A Princess lives each day from the heart, expressing herself freely and treasuring every moment.
  • A Princess has the right to spend her funds on beautiful things she does not need because beauty in itself is priceless.
  • A Princess should follow her heart and believe in her dreams, even if the whole world seems to be against her.
  • A Princess respects her environment and nurtures the beauty of nature.
  • A Princess is never too busy to give a kind word or smile where it is needed.
  • A Princess’s most precious jewel is Hope, which lights her darkest days and shows her the beauty in every soul she meets.
  • A Princess always sees the bright side of bad situations and does everything in her power to correct the dilemma and all its wrongdoings.
  • A Princess treats her body with love and respect and seeks to maintain inner and outer beauty and health.
  • A princess is not above mistakes, rather she sees them as an opportunity to learn and grow.
  • A Princess treats others how she would like to be treated, as royalty, and is always willing to help them.
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