February 2010
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The downloads for February are available now!  n_n

It seems that MSN Messenger interfaces are no longer available.  It’s been replaced by a category only called ‘Backgrounds,’ and seems to be for Twitter.  Awww, I’m gonna miss getting all of those little matching image packs!

Furthermore, some of the downloadables - namingly, the MSN Emoticons and Desktop Icons - have not changed since last month.  Curious!

IN HKO RELATED NEWS… today is the first day of the Valentine’s Weekend Event!  I’m pretty excited!  I glanced at the prizes available from the Party Master and was a little disappointed that there aren’t any cute heartsey outfits available… but the teddy bear weapon and housing furniture are really adorable.

I’m happy that we can transfer our leftover Candy Canes and Birthday Tokens from the previous events! n.n  Those Happy Heart items are expensive, but I’m 1/3 of the way to getting all three of them thanks to the fact that I didn’t spend any of my Candy Cane Shards.

Have fun playing HKO everyone, I’ll see you in-game!  Let’s try out the new Group system together!

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