December 2009
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For Christmas this year, I wished for some time to myself.  The gods of mercy must have been listening, because somehow I got four days off of work without even asking for them. c:  Now I hope I can motivate myself enough to sew stuffed bunny gifts for the people closest to me as well as some cutesy dresses I’ve dreamed up.

I just want to shout out a hearty MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of the beautiful people watching me.  I’ve been saying “Merry Christmas” to all of the customers I’ve helped at work this week, and when a co-worker jokingly pointed out that I wasn’t being politically correct, this is what I told to her.

When you wish someone a merry Christmas, you are not ordering them to celebrate the birthdate of Jesuschristourlordandsavior.  You are wishing them warmth and happiness through the holiday season, and for them to experience joy and cheer in the presence of their family and loved ones.

To those who celebrate the religious aspect of the holiday, my hat goes off to you.  In our present state of obscenely commercialized and materialistic holiday celebrations, it is uplifting to know that there are those who respect the faith and tradition of the season.  However, I hold just as much respect for those who openly embrace every other iteration of this holiday and simply wish warmth and wellness to their fellows.

Forgive me for the cheese. n_n;

Rather than share a hokey Christmas song, here is a nostalgic, classical, and artistic  rendition of the Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy (Wow, two ballet-related posts in a row!) as expressed by the magical mind of Walt Disney.  Enjoy it, and hold forever true to your sense of magic and wonder, and Merry Christmas!

On a whim today, I decided to peruse the official Sanrio JP site and look up some of my favorite characters.  Sugarminuet is related to the Sugarbunnies, but x100000 adorableness because they are pretty frilly ballerinas and one of them is pink.

I want to join them in their tea party, don’t you??

I love this little animation of them dancing on the lake.  The song that plays is  “Dance of the Cygnets” from Swan Lake.

Totally considering sewing my own plushies of this pair (Balletusa and Primausa by name) out of soft fleece and lots and lots of polyfill… Even have a pattern down to make their little crowns from wire and beads!

Speaking of sewing stuffed things, remind me to share photos of the stuffed animals I’ve been making! XD

Hey folks!!  Well, things are going pretty swimmingly lately.  Nice things just seem to be happening!

First of all, I’ve finally affiliated myself with a guild!  I’ve added the Sweet Hearts Guild blog to my blogroll over there.  There are lots of reasons I wanted to join this guild!  First of all, the mascot is My Melody!  That is important to me because I very much wanted to have the My Melody emotes.   Furthermore, the guild has a cute name (VERY IMPORTANT!), lol!  The ranks within the guild are cute as well.  I am determined to become a vanilla member!!  *is pumped*

Oh, and it’s nice that it’s kind of a small guild.  Tiny communities become very close-knit and friendly. 

So besides joining a guild, there are some other things to feel good about.  A short while back, my drawing tablet stopped working (this is sad news, but it gets happier!), so I haven’t been getting much art done at all.  BUT!  I just checked the Wacom web site and it turns out that their basic tablet models are only $70 now!!  That is compared to the $100 when I bought mine a couple years ago!  The model also looks different - it is sleek and horizontally-aligned, which I imagine is easy and comfortable to hold.

So that will likely be a Christmas present to myself sometime soon. 

Okay one last thing!!  A couple days ago I went makeup shopping!  It sounds silly, but just going out and buying something for yourself just makes you feel good.  And wearing something new that makes you look and feel prettier feels good, too!  So now I have foundation and powder in a color closer to my skin tone (the last time I bought some, the shade was a tad too orangey), as well as lip gloss in a pale pink color.  I have a few shades of glittery pink, but was lacking a basic pale pink until now!

So besides all of that, it’s Friday and I can’t wait to relax this weekend and I’m feeling pretty chill about life and stuff.

Okay, I must be way behind everybody else… I’m sure lots of other people have already done this, but I only just discovered it…

Did you know that if you sign up for the official Sanrio Shop newsletter, you get a free 2010 calendar?? O_O  ‘Cause I didn’t!!  And man, I am crazy about calendars.  It helps if the thing you have to look at every day has cute li’l characters on it, y’know??  And it’s a perfect sequel to the calendar I’ve been using for all of 2009.c:

Here is a preview of what the free downloadable calendar looks like:

I’m gonna print it out on nice cardstock paper, bind it together with a pretty ribbon, and display it in my room!  C:

Oh, and besides the freebie, being on Sanrio’s newsletter lets you know when the store updates.  There’s lots of cute stuff for sale (OH MAN I AM IN LOVE WITH THE CASTLE SET), but it’s juuuust a little outside of my budget. n_n;

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