November 2009
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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!  This year I am thankful for REBALANCED MONSTER STRENGTH YES I CAN FINALLY FINISH MY QUESTS NOW.

I’m ready to totally pig out, what about you guys?  I’m about to get to work on making my cinnamon squares (the same recipe from this post) - they were a hit last time!


Was met with some nice surprises when I logged into SanrioTown today!!

First off, HKO is getting some adjustments.  This is excellent!  The level of difficulty was turning far too many players away - there was just too much of a gap between the strength of monsters at your own level and yourself.  But it looks like that’s getting fixed.

Hearing about Sanrio Harbor quests getting adjusted, though, kind of makes me go :c.  There are so many people who finished up the Harbor loooon ago, and we will not be getting our quest bonuses.  Ah, but I suppose we’ll do alright, regardless.  Especially if equipment bought from the shops has been improved. <3

In other good news, November’s downloads are available!  There are soooo many of this month’s downloads that I love.  My Melody and Sweet Piano finally got some desktop icons!  Yes!!

OHMYGOSH YOU GUYS. I am sooooo sorry that I did not post this three days ago.  I totally meant to.  My work hours for the holidays are insane and I literally did not have the time to get these screenshots uploaded and together in one place until now (it is half an hour past midnight as I type this).

So without further ado - Hello Kitty’s 35th Birthday Extravaganza!!  (Important note: Click on any of these to view the full resolution)

This is how the map of London looked about 15 minutes before the party began.

So many people milling about!  And the festivities haven’t even begun!  (Pay attention to the system clock throughout all of these.)

My muffled words, barely heard over the crowd…  Reminds me of her birthday last year.  Holy cow, has it really been a year?

Following GM Pirate around and trying to find the event trigger spots… 

…Okay, maybe it’s here…

Mimmy… Mimi… same person!!

London Bridge is… doing a pretty good job holding everyone up.

BunnyWinx is stealing Pirate’s sparkling powers.

That’s a lot of people crowded around one spot. 

At this point, I thought to view GM Pirate’s status… what I saw there scarred me to my very soul… 

It’s like playing Follow the Leader … in a group of hundreds of people.

After following all of the scavenger hunt prompts, the world went white… this conversation  is what resulted in the Shoutbox in the Aeria forums. XD


So many people all attacking this poor defenseless cake!!  …And such little damage output.  This part especially, pay attention to the system clock in these screenshots…

Wanted a pic showing the top of the cake.

Almost… there…  Oh look, everyone’s position in the mini-map looks like a big smilie face. C:

The pinata EXPLODED!!  Candy for everyone!!  Happy birthday, Hello Kitty and Mimmy!!

Everyone admired their prizes.  I got a boring Red Boston Bag.

Everyone… EVERYONE… wishes they could have been one of the lucky few to obtain the Hello Kitty Plush.

Even after the party, London remained to be a hopping joint.  With everyone spaced out like this, I think you get a better idea of the scale of how many people were present for this.

Thanks for reading, everyone!  Let’s keep having fun and exciting HKO adventures!! 

Is everyone ready for Hello Kitty’s birthday celebration in HKO?  It’s only an hour away!  I spent all weekend dedicated to hoarding Birthday Tokens so I could get all that special edition gear!  I met my goals and even got a few extra things to boot! n.n

I plan to be there the moment the event starts!  THE MASTER PINATA SHALL BE MINE!!

Speaking of pinatas, a lot of folks are going to miss seeing them around.  They were a great way to chat with other players and encouraged teamwork.  Let’s hope they show up again in the future - perhaps not as a permanent feature, but for special events like this one!

I will have screenshots of the event!  Keep in touch, lovelies~

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