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Omg I love this so much.

…Yup. As quickly as it came, it also went.

It was fun, though! I was able to dedicate a bit more time with it this time around. Aeria Games is definitely on the right track. There are still things that need to be adjusted, though. When every loot item dropped by enemies sells for 1g apiece, you know you’re playing a game that still faces some balance issues.

Farming is another thing that needs balancing… like dropped loot, harvested crops sell for far too little. Growing stuff on your farm is actually a goldsink, since buying the seeds and fertilizer and water costs more than the amount you get back after selling the fully-grown crops. Srs price adjustment plz.

I DO really love the different farm styles available. The cuuuuutenessss…

I didn’t get far enough to try out the new and improved housing system!   I would have liked to see at least what adorable house styles were available. From the little I’ve seen in the closed beta forums, everything is appropriately cute!

So some changes still need to be made, but they SAY open beta is just around the corner, and I’m definitely not the only person pointing out the ridiculous sellback prices, so hopefully that is rather high on Aeria’s to-do list before Open beta comes around.

In the meanwhile, I’ll try to stick around!  Maybe I should go back to actually posting in the forums again.  See you guys!

Hello again!  Thanks for welcoming me back in your comments.  This blog system doesn’t seem to have a “comment back” option, so it’s hard to acknowledge individual comments and thank people and stuff.  But I definitely read them!  And hurrraaaaay that my friends are still here!  >w<

This post is to let you guys know what I’ve been up to in my absence.  I received my Associate of Arts from the community college I was going to in the Spring of last year, and haven’t been in a school environment since then.  In the fall, I started a part-time job at Jo Ann Fabric & Crafts, which is kind of fun because I love being surrounded by art supplies and creative people.

It’s funny that for all of the time I’ve been there (almost a year!), I’ve only just started exploring the world of sewing.  You can visit my Deviant Art page to see some of the stuffed things I’ve made (among all of my regular art and stuff and things), and since today is my day off, my plan is to finish (or get close to finishing) the character plushie I am in the process of sewing.  It is possible that I may begin an Etsy account for myself and start selling some of my creations, once I get more used to it.

On the fifteenth, this upcoming Tuesday, a DS game called Scribblenauts is being released.  I’ve reserved a copy for myself, so I am definitely getting it that day!! X3  I will probably write an entry about it sometime soon.

I am also on Facebook!  Friend me if you wanna.  (Say something like “This is _____ from SanrioTown!” so’s I know who you are and stuff.)

Hm, I feel like there was more, but I can’t remember - I guess it can wait until another post!

Hi again!  Wow, BunnyWinx posting two days in a row??  Perhaps she is returning with restored vigor!

So yeah, been playing HKO for a little whiles now.  There are lots of changes, but I’m thinking they’re all good.  The dialogue is better and the addition of sound effects for clicking on NPCs, fighting, and gathering are a plus.

And I love-love-love the new Farming system!  It’s soooo much easier and more streamlined now.  I can’t wait to to redecorate my farm in one of the awesome new styles.  There’s one in particular that I like, but I can’t recall its name off the top of my head.  It’s only level 8 but it’s sooo pretty and has a pleasant stream on either side with bright happy flowers all around, and a sweet picket fence if I am remembering correctly.  Yeah, that’s what I want my farm to look like. 

So besides playing HKO, today I cleaned up a bit of my blog appearance.  I’m using the Little Twin Stars theme for now because it has sweet colors and things.  Pretty much, I just wanted to use a new layout so that people checking up on me would be like “omg lykwhoa bunnywinx is back”

I need to check up on all the folks in my blogroll to see if they’re still around~

Did you miss me?  I missed you guys!  I didn’t actually go anywhere.  I kind of just ran out of stuff to write.  But I have been checking up on other folks’ blogs, and faithfully logging into SanrioTown every month in order to download new wallpapers, calendars, and supercute icons.

So you guys probably all know this already but

Hello Kitty Online is in its next Beta phase!!

Apparently it isn’t being published directly by SanrioTown any more.  Its new owners are the folks over at Aeria Games, who I have some amount of familiarity with because of Shin Megami Tensei Online: IMAGINE and Dream of Mirror Online.  They’re good folks.

It looks like they’ve replaced the GMs, though.  I hope that our homies Neverender and Abby and all of them still have jobs somewhere.  Their blogs have been inactive for months and that makes me a sad BunnyWinx.  I need to check the forums to see if any news has been posted there.

But I’m playing HKO again!   My in-game name is BunnyWinx, as always, and now I am playing in the Magical server.  This time, I swear, I shall become better at this game, and experience more that it has to offer!

Other note:  If you read the User License Agreement distributed by Aeria Games when you begin playing, it states that you must not share unauthorized screenshots or material from the game while it is in its beta stage.  Doing so can have severe consequences!!  Do not put your account in danger!

Besides that, have fun, and I can’t wait to see you all in-game!

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