January 2009
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Today, I can share another of my Christmas gifts!

 I first learned about the Hello Kitty Hello World CD from this entry in the Hello Kitty World Blog, and have been looking for it ever since!  Thankfully, I have a wonderful little sweetheart who sent it to me as a Christmas present!  Thank you sooooo much, Aaron!

^ How very appropriate!

The songs are all very adorable (naturally!) and upbeat.  Guess what I’ve done for you guys!  You can sample my favorite tracks on this nifty little music player!

Pretty sweet, huh?

“Come On Come On” sounds like a Michelle Branch song to me~  Very upbeat and fun.

Every girl who listens to “I Smile” can’t help but think of their BFF and relate the lyrics to them~

And don’t you want to be that girl that “Sweeter Than Sweet” is about? <3

4 Responses to “Hello Kitty Hello World”

  1. I like some of the songs on there. And they are upbeat. ^_^ When it first came out I ran across it at walmart and stood there and stared at it trying to decide if I actually wanted to buy it. lol. But I didn’t.. Everytime I see it I do the same thing. Haha.

  2. I saw one on Sanriotown Dreamstudio, it’s by a girl named Corinne something (I’m bad with names x_x), and I think it’s also from the album.:P Come On, Come On sounds fun.^_^

  3. I think you’re talking about Cori Yarckin. However you spell it. I like that song. lol

  4. Oh, yeah, her! Haha! I really stink at remembering names.:P

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