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For Christmas this year, I wished for some time to myself.  The gods of mercy must have been listening, because somehow I got four days off of work without even asking for them. c:  Now I hope I can motivate myself enough to sew stuffed bunny gifts for the people closest to me as well as some cutesy dresses I’ve dreamed up.

I just want to shout out a hearty MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of the beautiful people watching me.  I’ve been saying “Merry Christmas” to all of the customers I’ve helped at work this week, and when a co-worker jokingly pointed out that I wasn’t being politically correct, this is what I told to her.

When you wish someone a merry Christmas, you are not ordering them to celebrate the birthdate of Jesuschristourlordandsavior.  You are wishing them warmth and happiness through the holiday season, and for them to experience joy and cheer in the presence of their family and loved ones.

To those who celebrate the religious aspect of the holiday, my hat goes off to you.  In our present state of obscenely commercialized and materialistic holiday celebrations, it is uplifting to know that there are those who respect the faith and tradition of the season.  However, I hold just as much respect for those who openly embrace every other iteration of this holiday and simply wish warmth and wellness to their fellows.

Forgive me for the cheese. n_n;

Rather than share a hokey Christmas song, here is a nostalgic, classical, and artistic  rendition of the Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy (Wow, two ballet-related posts in a row!) as expressed by the magical mind of Walt Disney.  Enjoy it, and hold forever true to your sense of magic and wonder, and Merry Christmas!

On a whim today, I decided to peruse the official Sanrio JP site and look up some of my favorite characters.  Sugarminuet is related to the Sugarbunnies, but x100000 adorableness because they are pretty frilly ballerinas and one of them is pink.

I want to join them in their tea party, don’t you??

I love this little animation of them dancing on the lake.  The song that plays is  “Dance of the Cygnets” from Swan Lake.

Totally considering sewing my own plushies of this pair (Balletusa and Primausa by name) out of soft fleece and lots and lots of polyfill… Even have a pattern down to make their little crowns from wire and beads!

Speaking of sewing stuffed things, remind me to share photos of the stuffed animals I’ve been making! XD

Hey folks!!  Well, things are going pretty swimmingly lately.  Nice things just seem to be happening!

First of all, I’ve finally affiliated myself with a guild!  I’ve added the Sweet Hearts Guild blog to my blogroll over there.  There are lots of reasons I wanted to join this guild!  First of all, the mascot is My Melody!  That is important to me because I very much wanted to have the My Melody emotes.   Furthermore, the guild has a cute name (VERY IMPORTANT!), lol!  The ranks within the guild are cute as well.  I am determined to become a vanilla member!!  *is pumped*

Oh, and it’s nice that it’s kind of a small guild.  Tiny communities become very close-knit and friendly. 

So besides joining a guild, there are some other things to feel good about.  A short while back, my drawing tablet stopped working (this is sad news, but it gets happier!), so I haven’t been getting much art done at all.  BUT!  I just checked the Wacom web site and it turns out that their basic tablet models are only $70 now!!  That is compared to the $100 when I bought mine a couple years ago!  The model also looks different - it is sleek and horizontally-aligned, which I imagine is easy and comfortable to hold.

So that will likely be a Christmas present to myself sometime soon. 

Okay one last thing!!  A couple days ago I went makeup shopping!  It sounds silly, but just going out and buying something for yourself just makes you feel good.  And wearing something new that makes you look and feel prettier feels good, too!  So now I have foundation and powder in a color closer to my skin tone (the last time I bought some, the shade was a tad too orangey), as well as lip gloss in a pale pink color.  I have a few shades of glittery pink, but was lacking a basic pale pink until now!

So besides all of that, it’s Friday and I can’t wait to relax this weekend and I’m feeling pretty chill about life and stuff.

Okay, I must be way behind everybody else… I’m sure lots of other people have already done this, but I only just discovered it…

Did you know that if you sign up for the official Sanrio Shop newsletter, you get a free 2010 calendar?? O_O  ‘Cause I didn’t!!  And man, I am crazy about calendars.  It helps if the thing you have to look at every day has cute li’l characters on it, y’know??  And it’s a perfect sequel to the calendar I’ve been using for all of 2009.c:

Here is a preview of what the free downloadable calendar looks like:

I’m gonna print it out on nice cardstock paper, bind it together with a pretty ribbon, and display it in my room!  C:

Oh, and besides the freebie, being on Sanrio’s newsletter lets you know when the store updates.  There’s lots of cute stuff for sale (OH MAN I AM IN LOVE WITH THE CASTLE SET), but it’s juuuust a little outside of my budget. n_n;

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!  This year I am thankful for REBALANCED MONSTER STRENGTH YES I CAN FINALLY FINISH MY QUESTS NOW.

I’m ready to totally pig out, what about you guys?  I’m about to get to work on making my cinnamon squares (the same recipe from this post) - they were a hit last time!


Was met with some nice surprises when I logged into SanrioTown today!!

First off, HKO is getting some adjustments.  This is excellent!  The level of difficulty was turning far too many players away - there was just too much of a gap between the strength of monsters at your own level and yourself.  But it looks like that’s getting fixed.

Hearing about Sanrio Harbor quests getting adjusted, though, kind of makes me go :c.  There are so many people who finished up the Harbor loooon ago, and we will not be getting our quest bonuses.  Ah, but I suppose we’ll do alright, regardless.  Especially if equipment bought from the shops has been improved. <3

In other good news, November’s downloads are available!  There are soooo many of this month’s downloads that I love.  My Melody and Sweet Piano finally got some desktop icons!  Yes!!

OHMYGOSH YOU GUYS. I am sooooo sorry that I did not post this three days ago.  I totally meant to.  My work hours for the holidays are insane and I literally did not have the time to get these screenshots uploaded and together in one place until now (it is half an hour past midnight as I type this).

So without further ado - Hello Kitty’s 35th Birthday Extravaganza!!  (Important note: Click on any of these to view the full resolution)

This is how the map of London looked about 15 minutes before the party began.

So many people milling about!  And the festivities haven’t even begun!  (Pay attention to the system clock throughout all of these.)

My muffled words, barely heard over the crowd…  Reminds me of her birthday last year.  Holy cow, has it really been a year?

Following GM Pirate around and trying to find the event trigger spots… 

…Okay, maybe it’s here…

Mimmy… Mimi… same person!!

London Bridge is… doing a pretty good job holding everyone up.

BunnyWinx is stealing Pirate’s sparkling powers.

That’s a lot of people crowded around one spot. 

At this point, I thought to view GM Pirate’s status… what I saw there scarred me to my very soul… 

It’s like playing Follow the Leader … in a group of hundreds of people.

After following all of the scavenger hunt prompts, the world went white… this conversation  is what resulted in the Shoutbox in the Aeria forums. XD


So many people all attacking this poor defenseless cake!!  …And such little damage output.  This part especially, pay attention to the system clock in these screenshots…

Wanted a pic showing the top of the cake.

Almost… there…  Oh look, everyone’s position in the mini-map looks like a big smilie face. C:

The pinata EXPLODED!!  Candy for everyone!!  Happy birthday, Hello Kitty and Mimmy!!

Everyone admired their prizes.  I got a boring Red Boston Bag.

Everyone… EVERYONE… wishes they could have been one of the lucky few to obtain the Hello Kitty Plush.

Even after the party, London remained to be a hopping joint.  With everyone spaced out like this, I think you get a better idea of the scale of how many people were present for this.

Thanks for reading, everyone!  Let’s keep having fun and exciting HKO adventures!! 

Is everyone ready for Hello Kitty’s birthday celebration in HKO?  It’s only an hour away!  I spent all weekend dedicated to hoarding Birthday Tokens so I could get all that special edition gear!  I met my goals and even got a few extra things to boot! n.n

I plan to be there the moment the event starts!  THE MASTER PINATA SHALL BE MINE!!

Speaking of pinatas, a lot of folks are going to miss seeing them around.  They were a great way to chat with other players and encouraged teamwork.  Let’s hope they show up again in the future - perhaps not as a permanent feature, but for special events like this one!

I will have screenshots of the event!  Keep in touch, lovelies~

Hi guys!  Is everyone enjoying HKO??

I am, now that I have my character back!

Not too long ago, I attempted to link my SanrioTown account to my AeriaGames account (as prompted when I tried logging in one day), only to find that doing so reset my character!  Aaah!  I was really worried for a moment, mostly for the Birthday Tokens I’d acquired thus far.

Now, let me share with you how awesome AeriaGames’ customer support is.  Here is the correspondence between myself and the support staff over the last couple of days.

> BunnyWinx  sent a message using the contact form at
> I posted this in the forums, and someone suggested I send the whole thing
> along to you guys. I can’t word it any better than what I posted in the
> thread, so I’m just going to copy it here. If any help can be offered, I
> would greatly appreciate it. I am very eager to participate in the
> Birthday event going on and the idea that I might miss it is tearful. ;~;
> The original thread is here:
> My message was as follows:
> ~~~~~
> So up until now, I’ve been logging into HKO with my SanrioTown e-mail and
> password. I always thought that was a little curious, because HKO is an
> AeriaGames title, which I have prior experience with through Domo and
> Megaten.
> So just now - literally seconds ago - I tried signing in with me
> AeriaGames info. A message came up saying that I could link my AeriaGames
> account with my SanrioTown account, which sounded pretty cool. I linked the
> two as directed (making sure to link my AeriaGames account with an existing
> SanrioTown account), got a message of confirmation, and then was prompted
> to close that little pop-up box and log in again for real.
> I did so.
> Upon logging in, I was prompted to create a new character. My existing
> character has been reset.
> I even tried going back and logging in with my SanrioTown information, as
> I have been for the past two days since Open Beta has been open (as well as
> all through CB), to find that that, too, led me to the character creation
> screen.
> Is this something that can be fixed, with a little tweaking in my account
> info? I have put a number of hours into my character in the past two days,
> especially into acquiring Birthday Tokens. Furthermore, checking for my
> character’s name’s availability (”BunnyWinx”) at the character creation
> screen tells me that that name is already in use. This actually gives me
> some hope, because I know that the data for my existing character is still
> out there somewhere.
> … So … um … help? :D;
> Edit: I realize that there is an option out there for unlinking one’s
> AeriaGames and SanrioTown account. Will doing that give me access to my
> character again? Of further note, I did not actually go through with the
> second character creation screen, so as of right now my accounts are
> attributed to no existing character (in my assumption). If such is the
> case, then I apologize for making this thread when this issue has already
> been addressed in other threads… but I hadn’t seen my specific situation
> mentioned in any of the other threads (maybe an error on my part - I admit
> I have not read every thread in full), so at this point I’m just unsure if,
> when my two accounts are unlinked, it will give me access to my existing
> character once again.

Dear BunnyWinx,

We are sorry for your account issue. We will look into the options for
correcting this. In the meantime, when you log in using your SanrioTown
account, which character appears, your old or new one?

We will get back to you with an update soon.

Kind Regards,

Team Aeria

Dear AeriaGames,

Thanks so much for replying!  I am deeply grateful that the issue is being looked into.  I just checked my thread in the forum again and it looks like I am not the only person to experience this.  Basically, it sounds like the root of the problem is that we logged into the game using our SanrioTown accounts instead of AeriaGames accounts.  There was nothing stating that we should do otherwise - players such as myself who participated in previous closed beta periods just signed in with our SanrioTown info out of habit, I guess.

By the way, I also noticed that I do not have the “Beta Founder” title with my username in the Aeria forums.  I think that this is because I played through the entire closed beta period with my SanrioTown account - there is no info in my Aeria profile that I ever played HKO!  Ack!  What makes this all the more frustrating is that all of this is completely my fault.  If I’d just played HKO with my Aeria account from the beginning than none of this would be happening, and I am very sorry for putting you through the trouble of fixing it now.

Perhaps I am overstepping my boundaries in asking this, but - is it still possible for my Aeria profile to be considered a Beta Founder?  The title itself is unimportant to me, but I’m afraid of missing out on the rewards granted in-game.

Oh, and I almost forgot - in answer to your question about what character appears when I log in: both logins take me to the character creation screen.  I didn’t go through with creating a new character because I was afraid that doing so would make my original character unobtainable.  Checking for username availability for “BunnyWinx” says that the name is already in use, so I cling to the small hope that the data for my original character still exists.

Thanks SO MUCH for your time,

Dear BunnyWinx,

We are continuing to troubleshoot the issue. As part of this process we have
unlinked your accounts. Please attempt to login with your sanriotown account
and let us know if your character is still there.

We have also added the beta founder icon to your profile. :)

Please let us know the result,

Team Aeria

Dear AeriaGames,

Ohmygosh!!  It worked!  Yaaaay!  I’m so happy to have my original character back, with all of the levels and skills and items and Birthday Tokens and Loyalty Points I had with her.  And wow!  Such speedy service on your part.  I was really worried that I’d be unable to participate in Hello Kitty’s birthday events.  It’s so awesome to know that Aeria truly does care for its playerbase.  Hurray for you guys!

So basically, for now I just need to keep signing in with my SanrioTown account and not link my Aeria account to it, it seems.  I’m unsure how that will affect future events - it depends on if rewards are granted to the Aeria account and brought into the game through that username, or if rewards are deposited directly on the character in-game.  I’m not even sure if I’m describing that right, and I certainly can’t claim to know how all the technical aspects of these sorts of things are handled.  Regardless, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue, because the odds of me actually winning any events are fairly slim!  And if an issue of the sort does come up in the future, I suppose it’s just a matter of me contacting you guys to get it straightened out.  Now that I know how effectively (and swiftly!) these requests go through, I will certainly not hesitate to do so in the future.

Thanks again for helping me out, and for being all awesome and stuff, and for the forum title!

Dear BunnyWinx,,

We are glad it worked! However, in order to receive your bunny slippers from
closed beta your account will need to be linked to an Aeria account. If you
want to try again it is up to you. If you run into the error again you can
always write us back and we will unlink your accounts, and figure out another
way to send you your closed beta rewards.

We’re glad everything worked out, and your character is still there!

Kind Regards,

Team Aeria

Dear Aeria Games,

Thanks again for the reply!
I realize that my rewards will not be granted to my character unless the accounts are linked.  However, for the time being I would like to continue accumulating Birthday Tokens with my character and participate in Hello Kitty’s birthday event on November 1st.  I worry that attempting to link accounts again (and missing a few more days of play time) would result in me missing out on trading those Tokens for rewards, or (gasp) missing Hello Kitty’s birthday party!

But in one week’s time, I will try linking accounts again, and I will let you know of the result.

Have a nice Halloween! c:

Seriously, how cool are these guys?  I got my character back in only four days!  That’s great service!  Not all MMO publishers are nice like that, so it’s good to know that they’re out there.

Not much else to say besides all that, so I’m about to start playing HKO again and rack up some more Birthday Tokens!

I finally got my chance to play HKO when I got home from work yesterday!  Ah, it was nice to create my character and know for sure that there will not be a server wipe later, and that this BunnyWinx will be the BunnyWinx from here on out.  If that makes any sense.

I was so excited to be playing, I forgot to take screenshots!  But I’ve already made a handful of new friends.  DawnLaRee was the first SanrioTown name that I recognized.  There was also SarahJane, who recognized me right away from my post about kitty hats!!  Omg and there were soooo many others. @_@  I wish I could recall everyone else’s names.

The items available in the Party Master’s shop look so incredible!  How will we ever obtain enough Birthday Tokens in time to purchase what we want?? D8  I’m absolutely in love with the fan weapon, and I’d also like to have the pink bow hair ribbon (it had “Candy” in its name but I don’t remember what it was called exactly), and the cute white-and-pink top (which had “Angel” in its name but again, I forget its full name XD).  Some of the furniture is also quite awesome, especially the pink television.  I didn’t get far enough in the previous beta to experience Housing, so furniture and stuff would be a totally new experience for me. c:

So all of that added together comes to over 100 Birthday Tokens.  Aah!!  I only have 13!

Sounds like I need to get some people together and play that Emote minigame!

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