December 2008
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Merry Christmas, everybody!  Thought I’d share what I found under the tree!  There are a few more that I haven’t gotten pictures of yet, so a Part 2 entry is coming soon!

Pretty porcelain dollies!!   They are about 6 inches tall.  I love costumes like these!  The purple dress with lace and flowers all over is my favorite.

HOMG LOTS OF MAKEUP!!   This is a gift I was not expecting at all.  I had made a comment to my mom one day that if I ever had lots of money to spare some day, I would spend it on eye shadow in every color imaginable (I love matching makeup to my outfits~ and I have clothes in every color!).  She must have passed my wish along to Santa!  Thanks, Mom~!

Hahaha, this was sort of a joke gift from my uncle.  Old, bad cartoons and movies are like a weird hobby/thing that my family is into… and what could be a worse/better example than Speed Racer?  Nothing, I tell you!  I love watching this, lots of good laughs.   (This volume has episodes with titles like “The Great Car Wrestling Match” and “The Car with a Brain” - sounds like quality TV-watching to me!)

Hello Kitty ornaments!  Santa knows me so well!  I love the little hat that the one on the left is wearing, but the middle one is my favorite!   They’re ornaments, but I’m keeping them displayed in my room all year!

 UWAAAHH!!  Now every month I get a different adorable Hello Kitty scene to look at and admire!

This is how the calendar looks right now, hanging in my room… Can’t wait for the New Year, so I can turn the page and see next month’s cuteness! XD

That’s all for now, stay tuned!

Playing HKO again only served to remind me of how frustrated I was with this game’s difficulty curve.  I didn’t play it nearly as much as many other SanrioTowners did, so I’m severely undereleveled for all these event quests.

I know I have no hope of completing the Saving Christmas quest, but I’m taking hold of this opportunity nonetheless.  At last, I can travel to Paris and pay My Melody a visit!

Other players may laugh at my noobish apparel (still decked out in Florapolis garb, after all - not to mention my embarassing weapon.  Even though I bought the pretty flower wand, I’m 5 levels too low to equip it), but I braved the perils of the monsters between London and Paris in order to build up a collection of frilly pink screenshots!

BunnyWinx woke up as if in a dream… strangely, she was sitting on the beach and wearing only her underwear!  “Whoa… what’d I do last login?”

Not far from the beach was a new sight - not only were there holiday decorations all over, but Cinnamoroll was here!  He’s the initiator of the Christmas Event… looking at the quest requirements, I know there’s no way I’ll be able to come even close to completing this one.

DR. WILY’S MONSTERS ARE AFTER SANTA, WHAT?!  …Oh wait, that’s not what it says.   Still, that’s literally the thought that came to my head when I read this.  (And Wily has robots, not monsters…)

I really like seeing these trees.  The one with the pink bows is my favorite~

I just can’t get enough of seeing Chou-chou’s house!  I think it is my favorite location in the game~  The snowman and sled are a wonderful touch.

On my way to Paris, I came across some cute things.  I think this is the first I have seen of the Little Twin Stars in this game!

Omg, candy flowers!  They look good enough to eat~  Nom nom nom.

At last, I made it to Paris!  My first encounter is… Piano!!  Eee!  I love her, she has always been one of my favorite Sanrio characters.  Soooo pink and fluffy.

Her shop doesn’t exist yet, but it’s nice to know that we’ll be able to buy furniture for our homes~  Piano’s portrait is so adorable. ;~;

Random cute flowers and heart-topped banisters in the Louvre… I say the real Louvre ought to look like this, too.

Paris is so amazingly PINK!!  Pictures of My Melody are all over the place!


Bagle and Scone?!  These guys are everywhere!!

Had to screenshot this little area here… I wish I lived in a neighborhood comprised of houses that looked like giftboxes. ;~;

Some very very cute ornaments of only the two greatest characters ever adorning this building…  I wish I could see Melody’s parasol, but my inventory is in the way.

Melodeeeeeeeeee!!!   *worships*

Th-thank you… ;o;

Okay, Melody’s brother is ridiculously adorable.   This spot is very pretty, too…

I love this gazebo.  I want one!

How exciting!  HKO is opening again tomorrow, and its halls are decked!!  It’ll be fun playing again, and capturing tons more exclusive screenshots to share with everybody!

 And that’s not the only event happening in SanrioTown Land!  There’s a cooking contest going on, too!  I know just what to make, since I was planning on cooking up something sweet this Christmas anyway!  Hmm, I wonder how I’m going to implement a Hello Kitty theme into it, though?

In a completely unrelated subject, check out these awesome My Melody emoticons and icons that I found from a couple different places:


Look, here’s the Little Twin Stars, too!


Gathered some screenshots together from an MMO I play, Mabinogi, which you can play by visiting its Web site here.  If you play in the Tarlach server, you should totally add Bunnybunny to your friendlist and we can adventure together!

This collection was put together with Scrapblog, which I discovered thanks to Ripplecloud!

If these pictures are too small to read, view it full-size on this page.

Hello, beautiful people of SanrioTown!  Sorry for abandoning you all like that, especially after saying I was going to post more. ._.

 Happy holidays, everybody!!  This month’s downloads make me SUCH A HAPPY PERSON!! XD

 Firstly, the Charmmy Kitty wallpaper… FINALLY, a cute Charmmy wallpaper, I was so happy to see it!  So, it’s my desktop background right now… spreading pink holiday cheer to my family every time we see it (my 16-year-old brother doesn’t like it very much, though).

And secondly, AT LAST, My Melody desktop icons.  Forserious, I have waited so long. @_@  I’m hopefully getting a laptop for Christmas (likely an after-Christmas gift, depending on how my paychecks look…), and those icons will look great on my desktop once I have one all to myself.

I’m in a pink & Christmassy mood!  I’ve decorated my posting style on Gaia with the graphics added to SanrioTown for December. :3  A handful of people recognized Charmmy Kitty, which makes me happy. X3

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