November 2008
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Hi everyone!  I should totally update this blog more, huh?

Well, I tried out this Puricute place (Noliai mentioned it in an old blog post of hers) and cute-ified a picture of myself!

Yup, that’s me, guys! XD  With tons of added pinkness and sparkles, of course.

Hahaha, don’t worry, I’ll have better blog content coming up… I’d like to review the Tales of Symphonia sequel that was just released, and I always have a ton of art work to share.

Let’s share some of the last screenshots from the magical adventure that is Hello Kitty Online!

These are from Hello Kitty’s birthday party!  It sure was… crowded!


Well, that was a week ago… the big news nowadays is that HKO Founder’s Beta… has ended.   I have a lot of goals set for myself once the servers open up again.  Among them:

  • /*/ Reach lvl20 so I can equip that Florapolis Wand I spent a lot of money on.
  • /*/ Actually travel to Paris, so I can see my favorite Sanrio character, My Melody.  Yup… I didn’t pay her a single visit during FB.
  • /*/ Try my hand at farming successfully.

Here’s hoping for Open Beta to start up soon!  Hopefully with a party system integrated, so I can help my friends (not to mention get help from my friends) in completing quests and things!

In the last minutes of FB, tons of people lined the beach at Sanrio Harbor, bidding Hello Kitty farewell… in our underwear!  Thanks for bringing Hello Kitty herself to come and say good-bye to us, Neverender!

The GM’s are telling us to keep the client installed, so I can’t wait to see what surprised they have in store for us before Open Beta rolls around!

Chococat needs a cake for Hello Kitty!!  What’s that?  You need me to find your apprentice, in the woods?  I’m on my way!!

Gotcha!!  What??  I need to bake the cake myself?!  …Very well… what are the ingredients?

 Omg, srsly?!  That’s a lot!!  At least they’re all things that can be bought from the NPC’s in Florapolis and the Harbor, and for pretty cheap.

 Ran out of monies buying ingredients, so I continued with the plot quests and recovered Sakura’s Key.  I got a giggle out of the fact that Kuririn’s family has a hamster wheel in their house.

At last, the cake is mine!  The little icon of it looks like a volcano erupting chocolate.

Yeahh!!  Did you hear that?  BEST CAKE HE HAS EVER SEEN.

 London is all decked out for the party!  OIC WUT I DID DERE.  Individual pics 1, 2, and 3.

Inside of the party hall!  Check out all the great food!  Can’t wait until the party starts so we can om-nom-nom!  Individual pics 1, 2, and 3.

;~; Homg Hello Kitty and I are bff’s.


Woo hoo!!  Just read the latest news about Hello Kitty’s birthday event in HKO!!  Looks like I’ve got some work to do!  I was going to play zOMG! today, but Hello Kitty needs me more!!  I’ll post more about it as I play!

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