October 2008
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This entry is a chapter from the Alyce in Waffleland Diary ~ Learn about it here.

It’s a beautiful day for something new! The water is so clear and blue, and fluffy white clouds are in the sky overhead. The gentle rocking back and forth of the ship feels like the rocking of a cradle… I could fall asleep at any moment.

Well, I could if I weren’t so excited! The island is visible on the horizon… it’s only a matter of time before we reach it!

“There it is, miss,” the captain of the small ship, Pascal, said to me as he approached the deck where I was standing, “Waffle Island! By the way, did you happen to tell me your name yet?”

Oh! How rude of me. “I’m Alyce!” I told him.

“Very nice to meet you, Alyce! Waffle Island has so few visitors now. What made you want to come visit?” the inquisitive captain asked.

“Oh, I’m not just visiting,” I began to explain, while searching through my small bag for the brochure that initiated this whole adventure. “I’m going to live here and begin a new life as a farmer!”

Captain Pascal looked over the brochure, which advertised the scenic locations of the island and asked for interested farmers-to-be to please consider starting their business here. “Ah, that’s the brochure that Mayor Hamilton put together. You’ll meet him soon enough!”

That reminded me to look toward Waffle Island again on the horizon. Yes, it was certainly closer now! …Or maybe it was just my wishful thinking…

While Pascal and I observed Waffle Island, there was suddenly a flash of light that pierced the sky followed by the loud crashing sound of thunder! Out of nowhere, there was heavy rain falling everywhere!

“Another terrible storm!” Pascal reacted to the downpour immediately. “Alyce, get inside, quickly!”

Barely able to see through the heavy rain, I tried to make my way toward the cabin. The ship lurched violently to one side, and I was thrown off my feet! Again, I heard the loud crash of thunder… or maybe that was the sound of me smashing into some hard surface on the deck… in any case, it was the last thing I heard before finding myself in a dream…

After the turmoil on the deck, it was reassuring to find myself in such a peaceful dream. Surrounded by a faint blue light was some sort of figure…

Her image was so fuzzy, I could barely make it out… I could see very little more than a blue-green blur vaguely in the shape of a woman. Even so, I definitely didn’t need to see her clearly for the sadness in her expression to be easily recognized… She looked ill, and I found myself worrying for her safety. Is she okay?

Before I could vocalize my concern, I was awake. The bed underneath me was still – I wasn’t on the ship any more. Sunlight filtered through a window, making it clear that the storm had passed. Was I on the island now?

Getting to my feet, I expected to feel woozy, or some kind of pain in my head where I had hit it. Surprisingly, I felt nothing of the sort. I felt as if I had woken up after a full night of good rest.

Stepping into the hallway, I noticed that the rooms on either side were identical to the homey one I had woken up in. I think this is some kind of inn. I found the stairs at the end of the hallway and descended them.

Downstairs were the proprietors of the inn, who were very friendly and welcoming to me! Jake and his wife Colleen were the owners of this building, called the Sundae Inn, and an older woman named Yolanda is the chef. They’re all so nice! Colleen made sure I was feeling totally better, then suggested that I go outside and tour the island.

Well, I made it to Waffle Island after all!! The method was a bit different than I had hoped, but I’m here in one piece… and can’t wait to get started!!

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