October 2008
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Just finished playing for the day, here’s what I got for ya!

Eee!!  A house made of tea, and giant sugar cubes, and creeeeeeaaaammmm!!!!  Why, oh why, can this world not be real??

What??  We have a princess?!  This is the first time I’ve heard this…  Do I get to slay a dragon and rescue her?

This flower garden is sooooo pretty!   I’m unsure what character this house belongs to… how do I get the keys for these places??

Chatting it up with Ripplecloud…

Back at the Harbor, Yggdrasil showed us some neat tricks!  Where can I get a sparkle-creating necklace like that?  And more importantly, is there a necklace that creates a flowery effect, too??

*Sniffsniff*  Smells so pretty~  I thought this area seemed very serene, so now I’m keeping it forever!  (Love the adorable penguin-hut, too.)  HKO has such fanciful plants.  This one is Dark Opal Basil, which sounds so cool and romantic to me~  Basil is an herb I like a lot in food, plus it is my very favorite boy name ever!

I thought it was a good idea…

On the eastern side of the Harbor, I found a trio of Deku Scrubs!

Omg adorableness alert!!

Now, I’m north of Florapolis, in the South Dream Woods, on a quest to gather materials needed to learn how to craft an axe.  Gathering those materials involves cutting down trees with… an axe.  Why did I need to buy an axe in order to complete the quest for crafting an axe?

At least now I know what all the fuss over Box Pigs is about.  They do have charm.

Adorableness alert again!!  Wee-ooh, wee-ooh, wee-oh!!

…What is this thing?!

Back in Florapolis now, and feeling like a queen~

Love this tree!!  I found it on the way to London, which is southwest of Florapolis.  The monsters here are very strong and I had to run away fast!    The moths are adorable, though… I think I found what monster I want to be my pet!!

Successfuly braved the perils leading to London… It’s a pretty place, but not much to do because much of the NPC dialogue and quests aren’t in English yet!!

I chose this area in particular to take a screenshot of, because a building is blocking the H in the sign, so it says ‘ELLO KITTY!!  Get it?  ‘Cause it’s London?  Ha ha?  …Haahhh.

While waiting for crabs to respawn, I grew very bored and started doodling… here’s a pic of my unremarkable HKO character~

Brown hair… red eyes… I look the same as hundreds of other people!

Thoughts and discoveries made during my second day of playing (this was yesterday, and I intended to make this blog post yesterday as well, sorry for the delay!):

I had just started playing when I happened across Ripplecloud and Noliai sitting with GM Calealen and others.  Hi there, girls (and guy)!

Now that HKO has only one server, as opposed to three, everyone is vying for their share of spoils… Somehow, the dozens of people here are expected to collect 30 crab claws from the handful of crabs available, which have very slow respawn rates.  *cry, cry*

I took a break from the furstrating crab claw quest and started exploring… then realized I hadn’t shared the picture of what my character looks like~  There I am!  I look just like 1/3 of everyone else playing.   I was really hoping for more variety in the character creation.

 I like this gal.  That was my first guess, too.

AT LAST, VICTORY IS MINE!  It took a very long time to reach this point.  But now, it is over!  Onward with the quests!

I love the environments in this game~  I could just walk around exploring, adoring the scenery for hours.  These trees look like cupcakes or gumdrops!

Bravely, I ventured to the next map, Florapolis.  I didn’t have much time to explore here, but I found a magic wand shop!  I really like the looks of that sparkly flower wand!!  Eeee!  It costs a lot of money, though…


My last discovery came in the form of Pinkuruchan’s PRETTY PINK HOUSE, especially the flowery bed.  Ahhhh, I want one~

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