August 2008
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Posting these things in themes seems like a good idea~  My Interweb Fun post today is about, so in today’s Art post, I’ll share my Tamagotchi drawings!!

Tamagotchi by ~MagicalGirlYossy on deviantART

Girls Day Out by ~MagicalGirlYossy on deviantART

Violet Family by ~MagicalGirlYossy on deviantART

Kizatchi by ~MagicalGirlYossy on deviantART is a totally cute Web site dedicated to those widely-known virtual pets.  They’re not as popular now as they were years ago, but there are many fans who are just as dedicated as ever.  And who can blame them - these little things are CUTE!

While surfing the site, you have got to download the adorable Desktop Buddy! (Click on “Downloads.”)

The Desktop Buddy in action! So cute~

I picked up a v5 Tamagotchi toy earlier this year, and it was loads of fun watching the little guys grow up and become happy families! It served well in keeping me occupied during the free time I had between classes at college. My friends may have thought I was silly for having something like this, but THEY WERE JUST JEALOUS. Emote - Grin

Another place to check out is Tama Town.  With codes you get by playing with your Tamagotchi toy, you can explore the virtual equivalent world and play oh-so-cute games, and even win toys for your pet to play with once it’s back in its plastic egg-shaped home.

Other places for Tama fans/collectors to check out:
TamaTalk - an excellent resource for finding information and help when raising your new pets. The site is mainly forums, but you don’t have to register in order to search for and read the helpful information. - a very thorough blog that records just about every bit of Tama knowledge out there! A great source for help, secret codes, and information in general.

Silent Kimbly is a Webcomic of sorts, and I think that it is just adorable. Emote - ^-^  The comics all feature some kind of word pun, and illustrates the humor with cute, bright and colorful artwork.  It’s a very calm way to spend some downtime while surfing around.

My first submission in my “Art Every Day” series! Emote - ^-^  I covered Rune Factory today in my Gaming post, so I thought it would be appropriate to share the two RF fan art drawings that I’ve created (so far).

Raguna by ~MagicalGirlYossy on deviantART

(I really don’t like how his face looks in that picture Emote - Ohnoes)


Zavier by ~MagicalGirlYossy on deviantART

Zavier is such a cute and funny character!

Rune Factory is a totally sweet and heartwarming game!!  Its full title is Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.  It includes the staples of the traditional Harvest Moon series - a young man inherits a farm and begins raising crops and animals, while interacting socially (and romantically!) with the nearby villagers - but RF incorporates a nifty twist: it is an RPG!  Not only must the player manage their time and resources in maintaining their farm, but now there is the added content of exploring dungeons, crafting weapons and armor, and fighting monsters.

Here is the intro of the game.  The song is lovely but has some bizarrely incoherent lyrics.

I finished this game some time ago, but still find myself returning to it due to its simplicity and charm. I love the idea that the plants that you grow become a source of magical power - doesn’t that just sound so romantic?

Speaking of romance, there are numerous girls in the village who are marriage candidates for the game’s hero, Raguna.  My character married Tori, the soft-spoken bookworm.  Which girl is your favorite?

Ushi no Tane’s Rune Factory Page ~ This is a very thorough guide to the game!

Rune Factory is about half a year old by now, but I’m looking forward to the release of Rune Factory 2, coming to Nintendo DS on October 16!  Not only that, but Rune Factory Frontier is in the process of being made on the Wii!!  There’s loads of RFF content out there, and I will probably dedicate a future post to all the beautiful screenshots and other content.

I had no idea that my blog was featured as SanrioTown’s Blog of the Week!! Way past cool!

I feel totally lame now! More traffic is coming to my blog, but I don’t really have any interesting content here!

So… I’ve revamped the main page and made it easier to navigate through. I don’t know how much of a difference it makes to visitors, but it feels better to me now! I also added a button for my SheezyArt gallery.

I hope you enjoy the new look!

I’ve added some photos to this previous entry, which showcases all of my Hello Kitty merchandise.  Now, there are pictures of the HKOcontest prize as well as the super cool gift I got from my recent birthday!

Today is my 20th birthday!  So far I’m enjoying it by watching Saturday morning cartoons!  Although, that doesn’t make today any different from any other Saturday morning.  But now they’re special BIRTHDAY cartoons!! 

 I thought it would be appropriate to look up my horoscope on and share it here.


The full horoscope reads: “Don’t fret if you feel like all your friends are coupling off and you’re still single.  Avoid obsessing over meeting someone: immersing yourself in what makes you happy could attract a prospect when you least expect it.”

Hmm… I’m not sure how accurate that is, since my special guy stayed up until 3 AM last night to get my present to me on time!  Whatta sweetheart! 

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