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Hey girls! And guys!

Today  was my last day of classes before break. I know I haven’t been giving you many updates about my personal life… sowwie!

I was so glad to finish class. I had a test in Operations Management today, and I think it went ok. ^_^ It would be great if I got an A on this test, because in my other two classes, I haven’t done so well. :(

The day started out nice and sunny and bright…by started out, I mean, at 7AM in the morning. By 11, it was already dark :(  Pooey! What’s with this depressing weather? I can’t wait to go to North Carolina for break…

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This movie was soo strange. It was about a prostitute who had to help locate a missing man. This guy, Klute, was the investigator in charge of finding the guy overall.

This was a really strange movie, and I feel like it helped start the crazy “psychopath movie” crazy of the 1970’s. By this time, they were not afraid of sex, murder, creepiness, or reality. And I feel like they had a race to find who could come up with the creepiest, out-there movie.

This movie does not have a lot of visually graphic scenes, but the descriptions are graphic. In addition, the music and the dark scenes are really creepy.

This movie is still a thriller. It does not seem cheesy, but rather a really retro, creepy thriller. It made me uncomfortable, but I could not stop watching. Disturbing, and it keeps you on edge.

Scale Rating: 2/5 (Disturbing 70’s movie…I’d rather not have watched it, but it does fit well as a thriller)

Prince Caspian Poster

I watched this movie after berak.

I really enjoyed the books, and Prince Caspian was one of my favorites. It actually inspired me to want to name my  own son Caspian one day–too bad my boyfriend doesn’t like that name!

The movie was actually a bit of the disappointment. I liked the special effects with the animals, but …why do centaurs always have to be ugly? Haha. Just kidding (sort of).

I did not like how much non-violence there was. I mean, I know it’s supposed to be a kid-friendly movie, but these movies could be so epic if only they’d let in a little more blood. The fights are so obviously fake and staged. I suppose they  must do this for the KIDS. Ugh.

There are a lot of kids movies that come out good, though. So it’s possible to make a better movie.

Scale Rating: 3/5 (Like it, could’ve been better)

This movie hails from Canada, even though it is about an American family (father-son).

First off, the scenery in this movie is really beautiful . You get too see scenes of Canada’s nature.

Of course, the son is also wary of people who travel to Canada for “the experience” and nature. He strongly dislikes tourists.

The father is a woodworker who moved to Canada to avoid the draft. He’s a nice old man.

The movie was able to hook me, yet it wasn’t all that interesting. It’s the first movie I’ve seen that approaced the ex-hippies who moved to Canada. I was interested to watch how it played out, but I could’ve just as easily walked away.

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So I watched this movie, which is quite old. I like it, very funny. :) However, I’ve seen bits and pieces before; this was the first time I saw it all strung together.

I think it had a major,  funny impact when it first came out. I know my parents cracked up! I laughed at quite a few parts.

I feel that I can’t give this movie a quite thorough, fair, review because I have watched it before. But I can tell you, it’s enjoyable, and pretty sweet. :) I watched the unrated version, annd… there was lots of boobs.Which made me a bit uncomfortable watching it with my boyfriend.

One of my favorite scenes was when Jonah Hill (dressed to look like an elf) wants to buy these big, shiny, platform goldfish shoes. For the life of me, I can’t find a videoclip or poster! But supposedly, people actually do sell these things.

Scale Rating: 3/5 (Like it)

He loves me... posterThis is a French movie that was also a “psychological thriller,” as it was described by one of those movie websites.

The movie is allover quite interesting. It starts out looking like some kind of cheesy romance–the way the music and typical lovey-doveyness works. She’s in love with a guy. He is cheating on his wife in order to be with her, and they even meet up at parties and such. Her best friend has a crush on her. However, some element seems to be missing. Why won’t he contact her? If he really likes her, why does he not go on the trip to Italy with her? What’s going on?

When we think that he has really forgotten about her, she attempts suicide.

And then the movie takes a 180 degree turn.

It gets really interesting, but I do not want to spoil the surprise. Let me just say that she was really nutty, and it’s interesting to watch his point of view.

This movie is definitely worth the watch.

Scale Rating: 5/5 (Worth the Watch!)

The International Poster This movie was about how a couple of bankers were dealing with illegal arms. The bankers of the IBBC were in deals with people to provide…debt, for weapons, if I followed this movie correctly.

The beginning seemed interesting. It seemed like a crime scene, with investigators and murders. It continued this way for most of the movie.

Then suddenly, towards the end, when the main character is closer to uncovering the big mystery, he goes turncoat! –Or so I thought. I did not really understand, from that point in the movie on.

The beginning made sense. The end did not. The ending seemed as if it was made for allow for a sequel. However, maybe there was a point that I missed somewhere.

I would not recommend this movie. I was having a tough time listening to them babble, and I kept up. But then there came a point where the movie’s momentum was lost–and suddenly the movie became impossible to understand. I was missing a more concrete ending. Perhaps there were other people who actually tried to dissect this movie, and tried to give it some meaning. I believe that this movie was created to try to play on the hysteria with all of the failing banks and bailouts. It had the potential to be good, but fell flat on its face.

Scale Rating: 2/5 (Eh. I think I really missed something.)

Defiance Poster This movie is about a subject that, as far as I know, has not been the subject of a movie before. It’s about a Jewish group of Belarussians who hide in the woods to get away from the Nazis.

It’s very interesting to watch the story unfold. I was amazed that, if it was like the actual story, they were able to get away from the Nazis so many times.

I loved seeing Daniel Craig in action. :D One of my favorite British guys. (If only I was a little older, 10 years older, I might actually like him a lot more…) But anyways!

It was bloody, but that didn’t bother me much. It made it much more intense.

Good movie, interesting subject. I don’t think I’ve even read about this subject; four brothers in Belarus leading a camp of Jewish survivors to living for years.

Scale Rating: 4/5 (Very good, interesting topic, story.)

Confessions of a Shopoholic PosterThis movie was honestly funny, and very enjoyable. It followed a typical storyline, and it had some cheesiness… but I felt like it went along with the whole thing!

I laughed-out-loud during many of the scenes. I didn’t expect it to work that kind of magic on me! But I suppose it was a “chick flick” that kind of hit home. In some way or another. Not to mention, the lead guy was H-O-T-T!

I loved the relationship this girl had to her friend. I feel that while most of my friends are great, we’re kind of lacking something. Nowadays, I only feel the presence of boys in my life. And I miss talking, being friends… buddies… my boyfriend offers none of that camaderie. ‘-_- He doesn’t really care about much I have to say anymore, sadly…but that’s another topic.

In any case. I was surprised from the onset that the movie was PG, but I ended up being very pleased. I felt so bad during the scenes of awkwardness that I covered my face with a pillow, haha. I am greatful that there was no nudity, sex, etc… movies can be good without it. :)

Scale Rating: 4/5 (Such a pleasant, funny, surprise)

Star Trek NEW movie posterThis movie was definitely tailored to a new, 2009 audience. It was made to look younger, feel fresher, and be more action-oriented. On the commentary, someone described it as taking some of the “rock and roll from Star Wars” and adding it to the “classical music of Star Trek.”

This movie was constantly moving, things were constantly happening. Even though you don’t need any prior knowledge of Star Trek (I didn’t have much) because the movie is “the beginning” of the Enterprise, it definitely helps to have a Trekkie handy. My dad would fill in all of the gaps, and he would occasionally comment on who the people would be in the “future”–the older Star Trek series focused on this “future.”

I was never bored, although I must say that I really had to pay attention to stay on top of everything that was happening. There are so many things going on at once, and lots of explanations about “technical” matters. The plot changes quickly. I did have to rewind a few times to get words that were spoken too quickly, or that were just plain hard to understand.

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Elegy PosterThis movie was about a sexual teacher-student relationship. Definitely another mature movie.

Given that the topic was kind of disgusting, I allowed myself to watch it because I kind of like Penelope Cruz as an actress. She reminds me of just how hot hispanic women can be –since I’m hispanic, I must say I enjoy the confidence boost from time to time. :)

Anyways. The teacher in the movie is Ben Kingsley, and he is REALLY OLD. Kind of disturbingly old to be seeing him having sex with women. I could never really get over how old he was–he could be her FATHER! I am always annoyed/disturbed by cradle robbers. I don’t care what the situation is; if you’re old enough to be her father, consider it a father-daughter relationship.

The point that this movie was trying to make, however, was that age should not matter. I don’t know if I ever agreed with that point.  I believe they should have had a normal, teacher-student relationship.

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Monsters vs. Aliens I didn’t start watching this movie with many expectations, because it seemed like it didn’t do too well in theaters. However! I was pleasantly surprised.

The movie was really funny. It was one of those kids movies with jokes for both adults and kids. I must admit that I didn’t get a lot of the sci-fi refrences, but at least my parents did. I enjoyed some of the innocent humor as well, it was well-placed.

This movie features the voices of Reese Witherspoon and Seth Rogen. Seth’s character, the blue blob “Bob,” was hilarious! Especially since I could imagine what Seth Rogen would look like saying the lines.

The plot was slightly boring and predictable. However, I forgave this because the movie made me laugh so many times.

If you have to watch a kids movie, don’t be too bummed out if you have to see this one. It’s pretty funny.

Scale Rating: 3/5 (funny, enjoyable with the family)

Revolutionary Road Poster Have you ever felt stuck in a relationship? Have you ever felt like you’re going nowhere, or that someone else is holding you back?

This movie takes us through the ups and downs of the life of a married couple. It is an example of what could happen to two people who are stuck. It takes place during the 1950’s where, of course, people are expected to be perfect. Couples are supposed to create and exemplify the perfect family.

I don’t really know what to say… I mean, I can relate. It feels horrible when you get stuck in something and you can’t see what you can do about it. It takes a lot to keep a relationship together, especially if two people have grown apart.

The two main characters (the Wheelers) have a very unfortunate situation. Throughout the movie, I felt sorry that they were in that kind of impossible situation. I feel that what happened to them can happen to anybody who rushes marriage. You’re young, haven’t really gotten the chance to think things through or do what you want to accomplish…and then you’re stuck.

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Washington's General I recently read Washington’s General, by Terry Golway. Washington’s General is Nathaniel Greene. I actually picked this book because General Greene is my favorite general, perhaps of all time.

It starts of with his life in Rhode Island. It describes his Quaker upbringing, and describes how he had to educate himself. He never had a formal education, because his father believed in the bible and not much else. I like how from the beginning, Greene tried hard to improve himself.

Greene’s efforts to become a better man continued through when he became a general, and was never afraid to seek the wisdom of those who knew more than him. He wasn’t stuck-up, even though he did have his own ego (don’t all men?).

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Baader Meinhof Poster Note: This movie’s name in English is similar: The Baader Meinhof Complex. So, I just finished watching this German movie. I’ve been waiting for over a year to see it–it was nominated for an Oscar for best foreign language film.

This movie is about the beginnings of the RAF (Red Armed Faction). The RAF was basically a terrorist group in Germany, who fought against what they perceived to be Fascism. For more on the RAF, read wikipedia’s article.

The way this movie begins, you start to believe that the RAF are the “good guys.” It seems that the whole world goes against them, and that they are trying to protest to make the world a better place. The movie starts out ignoring the fact that the way they got their point across was through violence. Later in the movie, the view becomes more subjective, as we see the continued atrocities that the group commits.

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