I enjoy a blueberry bagel with cream cheese every single day. I always eat around the edge counter-clockwise. After the outer area is gone, I eat the remainder by going the other direction. I do the same thing with hamburgers and sandwiches, but after the outer edge is gone, I have to flip the middle section upside down to finish. I know that I have a lot of other food rituals, as well. Do you guys have anything that HAS to be done when you eat a certain food?


I usually eat a blueberry bagel with cream cheese before anything else, but I made a fresh batch of salsa last night and I’m snacking on it. Zach loves everything that I make, and he has totally been chowing down on salsa everytime I make it, but I think he and I can agree that I might actually eat more of the salsa that he does. Or did that one time, at least:] This batch seems to be much spicier even though I used less jalapeno. I still like it but the spiciness is getting in the way of the flavor.

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