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Whoooaaaaa… x_x

Long time since I’ve updated, eh?

The next chapter of my blog will be about a new character I made named June ;3 Enjoy!~


PS: Searie is still here, And she will be included in stories but the next ones will be about June :D

It was a raining morning, I waited for my uncle’s car to pick me up from the airport I awaited. I held my suitcase under my soaked shirt, I wish it wasn’t raining!

At that moment a car pulled up and my uncle came out, he was young, and he told me he would take me in until I settle in with my Aunt who lives.. very far from here. Sanrio Town is a very snuggly town, it’s full of people and celebrities, but It’s not very large.

“Hello June.” My uncle Cody said, even though he prefers being called Cody.

“Hi Cody. Could you turn the air a little low? I’m sort of cold from the rain.”

Cody turned the air down to 2. “I-I’m so sorry about-” He choked on his words.

You see, my mom and dad died a few weeks ago. I’ve been hopping from relative, to relative, until finally my Aunt  Ivy said she’d take me in, she just wanted to make some preperations. (she’s my mothers older sister. and Cody’s my dads little brother) So Cody said he’d take me in until then.

” My cafe is a little snug.”

Right. I forgot. Cody owns a cafe, He has A-LOT of people living there already. like his gaurdian child Debby. and his wife’s younger brother Sakya who they decided they’d adopt. And Tonnie, She’s just..There. She just went with Cody’s wife, Tiffany. (Author:mwahahah my name XD) And Zach is boarding there. But practically part of the family. And then Cody, to make it more snugged. adopted another girl from France, named Katherine, even though Katherine can speak english fluently…

“I know. You told me over the phone.” I said “So, I’m going to stay in the…Storage room?”

He winced thinking it did sound a little rude for a girl like me to be in a storage room.

“Well, It’s..A large storage room…”

Here it went. The excuses.

Since I’ve been hopping from relative from relative I’ve stayed in a basement, closet, a living room, a bedroom, a NICE bedroom(my cousin Hannah lives in a mansion. But sadly, she didn’t take me since of her daily going around the world.),  and now, a storage room.

“It’s alright.” I said. I looked out the window, though it was tough to see anything from the rain. But I knew we had pulled into the Cafe drive way.

-End of entry-

When i woke up, it was gray. and strange… nothing made clear. the shapes. and i could go anywhere. i looked down and saw my hands..

nothing changed..

but then when i looked up sparkles surrounded me. and i could see a reflection. and had noticed..

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