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Whoa. Haven’t posted in forever. Anyway. After being freaked out about being turned human. I found my brother Shock looking ’shocked’ at me. huh?huh? Get it? :D



Well we ran into nice people who are letting us stay at their cafe since we ran out of money for the nice…nice…mint giving…hotel…


But they are really nice.

Here’s a picture of a girl I’ve grown very fond of named Debby :)


She’s very nice and spunky. (and stylish :))

She also has a little brother (Who’s a total pain in the butt) Sakya


(His little cow’s name is Suki -_-; He says he’ll die if he loses her..) (he was sticking his tongue to in the picture until Debby threatened to burn his cow. Even though she’s not allowed near fire… besides cooking.)

This is Tonnie. She hates getting her picture taken. So I jumped out and took a picture of her.


She was screaming thats why it looks like she’s smiling…

I’d wish I could get a picture of Cody and his wife Tiffany. But they always tell me “Please put the camera away…” Maybe I should sneak attack them like I did with Tonnie…

Then there is Zach. He moved their before us. He doesn’t pay. He’s sort of part of the family. But I can tell Debby has a crush on him. (He has to share a room witht he cow loving Sakya X_X)

Being at the Cafe, They make delicious foods. :) I love strawberry shortcake. If I could, I’d eat it everyday X_X;


Oh yes. here’s a huge shocker… I should have told you earlier…

Candie and Shock are human… X__X;


Shocks to shy for the camera. (I don’t blame him. U-G-L-Y) But I’ll sneak attack him to to show he’s ugly >:P

3 Responses to “Searie here!”

  1. Tiff!!!

  2. Oh boy…should of read this ealier. -_-’

  3. @Pink:…wha-why?
    @day: MUUUUU!!!!!~

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