I love Sonic the Hedgehog for some strange reason *sweat drop* ever since my sister called me Sonic @@ i just started to like it.

And here is my blogging tips on getting buddies.

It’s first commenting nicely on other peoples blogs and not being mean. then another thing. say “I linked you! :D could you link me?” when you say that they will hopefully say sure!

The next thing is choosing them

well it may be my way. but i only choose those who don’t cuss, or be jerks and speak badly about others if they don’t have a sanriotown blog.

and how to make your postings match your look. it’s fun making your blog having a good flow with the blog themes :D and have a cutie name. and a good tagline. then have a banner to match it.

i know it’s not much on what i said. but what can i say?

PS: if you want a banner for your blog. email me if you want me to make you one! :D!!

2 Responses to “Just a random posting! (tips too)”

  1. Those icons are so cute! Thanks for the tips!

  2. OMG I LOVE CHAOS!!! *-* Sonic’s been in my life since forever!! and I just DIE for Sonic Adventure 2 ‘lol’
    I played nearly every game! except for the new ones Sonic the hedgehog and sonic unleashed ._.
    can I use he cute banner please? it’s so dreamy! *-*

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