Hello everybody! I’m new to the blog world but I find it interesting expressing myself here anytime…I’m Justa, from Peru but now living in Japan.

 Just Kitty!

I like doing many things on my free time, such as listening to music, writing poems, making puzzles, playing videogames and doing some origami stuff from time to time…so here I will show you the things I do and definetely I will post my poems so you can give an opinion about them.

Of course my favorite character is Hello Kitty, I like her story and her friends…and specially I love the meaning of not having a mouth because there’s no doubt you are saying the truth when you speak with your heart through your actions¬†more than just saying so many words without a meaning from the inside.

Well, that is me…I hope I can make friends with you soon!

Thanks for coming to my site! I’m still working on the content, so keep visiting my blog for my stories.

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