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Bayside is an amazing alternative rock band. I’m definately going to have to find them.

They’re music is beautiful <3

After the Burrial is a punk rock band. Nothing special but great for moshing (:

Wow I haven’t been on in forever. Im always so busy I forget about this site.
Hopefully I can get on more.


I’m writing this mostly because I’m bored and have nothing to do, so yeah, it might be a little random.

I’m so craving coffee right now. I have already drank like 3 cups of instant coffee but I want Starbucks. Haha

Its starting to get warmer outside, its like 45 right now I think. But its supposed to get colder again soon ):. That smiley looked weird cause there was a period after it.


I hate when people complain about having so much drama in their life. Its your own fault!! If you don’t want drama in your life then don’t put it in your life. No one can put drama in your life except you. People put drama in their own lives and other people come and get mixed in with that drama. It is pointless!

I understand thats its not your fault if you and your best friend disagree on something. But that doesn’t have to turn into drama. It is your choice if you want to fight with them and start drama or not fight and notstart drama. No, your friend can not start a fight or a big argument between both of you. You friend can, however, start something their self and you choose to get into it. They can not drag you into it.

A lot of people don’t realize how easy life could be, if you just make it easy. I think that if more people chose not to have drama in their lives, the world would be a better place.

It is 1:30 am… and I can NOT sleep. D: I am so tired, but I don’t want try to go to bed cause I will be just sitting there not sleeping.. I have like nothing to do.. -_- soo bored.. :/

-Love, Brenna B. <3

Holy  Shizz! It snowed so much last night and this morning! We got like more than a foot of snow, I could barley walk! Last night, at like 9:30, when it was snowing really hard, me and my cousins ran out side and into our neighbors yard 2 times! It was so cold! Our tracks were gone after like 1 hour! I love when it snows! <3

My cousins and I were planning on tying some  sleds to the back of a truck today, but its a little to cold.. Like 6 degrees, so we decided to maybe go tomorrow. We do it every year, its so fun! We go so fast, and sometimes we hit ramps that are in their backyard, they live in the country so sometimes we go on the road. There are usally like 3 sleds on the back of the truck so we all go at the same time, the one in the middle usually gets hit and falls off, its like the best sled to be on.   About 3 years ago, I fell off and my older brother ran over me xD It was hilarious.

 Merry Christmas everyone!

Thank you Santa, for the laptop!! I Usually can’t get on much, but now that I have a  laptop, I will try to post in my blog about once a week.

Lolz, I thought this was really funny: I hope Santa breaks into your house, steals all your cookies, and leaves you a bunch of shit you don’t want!

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