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Gaia’s Sanctuary

July 10th, 2008 by

We are Gaia’s Sanctuary
We find solice in the Earth
In the Goddess and the God
From birth, to death, to our rebirth

Nature’s cycle we will follow
Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring
Honoring life’s sacred balance
Shifting, Changing, Circling

Shifting, Changing, Circling

Centering Meditation

June 7th, 2008 by

Ever find yourself out of sorts with the world around you?  Here’s a meditation to get yourself back to center.  This should be done outside if weather permits, in the daylight.  Stand up and let your bare feet touch bare earth.

Close your eyes.  Breath deeply.  In……..and out…….  Find your center within yourself.  The place deep inside where you feel safe and secure.  Breath in, and as you breath out push your inner self down through your feet, down into the Mother Earth.  Picture your inner self stretching below the surface of the soil and spreading out.  Feel the cool calm of Earth.  Focus your thoughts on feelings of emotional calm.  The Mother is all nurturing things.  She is there to protect and console you, allow her to do this in the safety of the underworld.  Stay in this place of quiet, calm, and stillness for  a few moments.

When you feel at peace bring your attention back to your breathing.  Breath in deeply, and as you breath out, slowly nudge your inner self back into your body; up through your toes, the soles of your feet, your legs, into your core.  Come back to center.

Breath in, and as you breath out, push your inner self upward towards the edges of your skin.  Allow your inner self to become you outer self. (I usually lift my arms at this point).  Feel the sun beat down upon you.   Feel the breeze, no matter how slight, tingle across your skin.  Allow your thoughts to turn to fun activities.  The Sun is there to remind you of your vitality.  His light is your energy, his wind, your breath.  Use all of your senses to drink in the world around you.  Relish in the warmth and light of the Sun.  Stay here awhile until you feel connected, in an active way, to the world around you.  When you are ready take a deep breath in, and as you breath out, pull your inner self back to center.  Close your eyes again and breath deeply for a few moments until you feel completely centered.

You will once again feel you are part of all that is around you, no longer disconnected.  I recommend this meditation, again if you’re feeling disconnected from that which is around you, but also any time you’re feeling down.  It’s a real pick-me-up.

A Song for Mother Nature

June 5th, 2008 by

Let the Goddess’s rain
Fall upon the Earth,
Wash away the grime,
Start a new plants birth.

Let the Goddess’s soil
Stand strong beneath our feet,
Warm the tender seedling,
Nourish us complete.

She’s in the moon and stars,
She’s in the Spring and Fall,
She dwells within our memory,
She dwells within us all.

Let the Goddess’s wind
Blow strong across the hills,
Cool down the day,
Spread seeds across the fields;

And let the Goddess’s spark
Burst brightly in the fire,
Warm the coldest nights,
Awaken our desire.

She is in the moon and stars,
She’s in the Spring and Fall,
She dwells within our memory,
She dwells within us all.

-Brendakins October, 2006

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