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Cinnamoroll reminds me of the Pillsbury Doughboy.080201023953763.gif

Remember the gif I posted months ago that showed Cinnamoroll cooking for Cappuccino? Well, looks like hes got more to do. I fell bad for Cinnamoroll though. Cappuccino needs to stop rushing Cinnamoroll sometimes when he is really hungry.tumblr_lpqly6nkun1qj2l81o1_500.gif


I don’t remember Cinnamoroll doing that in one of the shorts.tumblr_lm2i0anzwa1qjzc1ao1_500.gif

He sure looks very excited.tumblr_loief3uuym1qg5lf8o1_500.gif


I would be sick if I ate that much.tumblr_lnoinkn5mc1qmo9vco1_500.gif

I remember when she was getting a marble then when she came out her hair is all messed up. So she had to brush it then Mocha gave her red flower clips. I bet that would hurt to do that.tumblr_lnpaoogjaq1qmo9vco1_500.gif

Chiffon reminds me of here Cinnamoangles appearance here.tumblr_lnoh62xc8v1qmo9vco1_500.gif

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