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I remember there was a comic where they actually worked at one in Fluffy,Fluffy Cinnmoroll vol 5.


The girls are lucky Cappuccino wasn’t with them.


sina_ht08_main.jpg The girls, are probably dressed like that since they are at a “Maid Cafe” which is popular in Japan.


Mocha’s dresses like an angel,Azuki is dressed as a cute witch and Chiffon’s is dressed in a devil outfit “Goth” style. I remember them wearing the outfits when they were looking for one of the three members of the Caramels. After all, the Cinnamoangels (Especially Mocha) really,really love The Caramels.


The three Angels are always full of energy. They’ve each shared a little about what they think of each other -is it what you expected?


(What’s Mocha like?)

She does her hair and makeup like a celebrity. I guess she really wants guys to like her

- Chiffon

She’s great at making cute clothes! No surprise, since she loves to stand out!

- Azuki

Who cares? Being noticed is something that comes with style! Time to dress up and find some cute boys.

- Mocha


(What’s Azuki like?)

She’s great at calligraphy, flower arrangement, and  all traditional Japanese arts. But she’s not athletic.

- Chiffon

For all that she seems ladylike and reserved, she’s actually tough and dependable.

- Mocha

The best thing about me is that I’m not just cute!

- Azuki


(What’s Chiffon like?)

She exercises everyday and eats healthy… except for cake!

- Azuki

She’ll always be honest with you. But,well…she’s kind f like Tarzan if he was a girl. A little dense.

- Mocha

Real beauty comes from being healthy and fit! One day I’ll meet a boy who understands that!

- Chiffon

(What the girls dream of when they grow up!)

*Mocha wants to be a pop star!

*Chiffon wants to be a businesswoman!

*Azuki wants to marry a rich guy!


It’s interesting seeing Azuki doing this since she’s very interested in Japanese stuff. Even her room in Angel Lab is filled with Japanese things.

I love seeing the trio together.


After all, Chiffon’s room in Angel Labs is filled with exercise equipment. So she loves exercising.

I really enjoyed vol 3 but I was not expecting the Cinnamoangels to make an appearance in the manga! Apparently the third volume was made the same year the trio made their debut. Since the mangas were created back in 2005 which was the same year the Cinnamoangels were first introduced to Sanrio. So somewhere in volume 3, the Cinnamoangels make an appearance. Heck, the Cinnamoangels even got their own manga which is seen somewhere in the manga called ” Pretty, cutesy Cinnamon Angels” . But I was so not expecting the trio to appear in this manga at all! I also learned that the Cinnamoangels are mischievous since they are shown doing that alot in this volume! I remember a comic where the Cinnamoangels ( Especially Mocha ) try to lose weight in order for Mocha to fit into a bikini. But it turns out by the end that “The Caramels” like chubby bodies.


Here’s the info about the Cinnamoangels according to the manga :

” Three girls who love fashion make this super-powerful girl! Their meeting spot is the Angel Lab, where they study beauty, fashion and boys! The three dream of becoming famous! They hope for a spectacular transformation one day to help them snag pop idols for boyfriends! ”


Chiffon : Energetic and inspiring to those around her. She keeps tabs on beauty and health. She believes that beauty comes from a healthy body, and can often be found exercising in her room.


Azuki : Ladylike but sometimes a little bit off. She’s in charge  of the Angels’ manners and fortune-telling. She practices calligraphy and flower arrangement in hopes of becoming a true Japanese lady!


Mocha : Leader of the Angels and in charge of all things fashion. Sweet, but also a bit selfish and a crybaby. She dreams of holding her own fashion show and one day becoming a cute bride. According to the manga, she is a huge fan of a group called “The Caramels” who are a very popular band. The Caramels are a male version of the Cinnamoangels but with more band members.


Angel Lab : Dreamt up by Mocha, designed by Azuki, and built by Chiffon. The fashionable laboratory has rooms for each Angel, plus spaces for hanging out and doing research. The antenna on top catches breaking fashion, news and senses when cute boys are around.


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