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One day, while the owner of Café Cinnamon was admiring the sky, a tiny white puppy came floating by, looking just like a small, fluffy cloud. She thought, “Maybe he caught a whiff of the cinnamon rolls and came to check them out.” The owner of the café was correct. The curious little puppy took a shine to the café owner and her delicious cinnamon rolls, so he decided to stay. Since his tail was plump and curled up like a cinnamon roll, she decided to call him Cinnamoroll. Sweet, little Cinnamoroll was instantly popular with customers and soon became Café Cinnamon’s official mascot. Now, when he is not napping on the café terrace, you may find Cinnamoroll flying around the town looking for fun and new adventures with his friends Chiffon, Mocha, Espresso, Cappuccino, and Little Milk. His birthday is March 6th.

Cinnamoroll is the second most popular Sanrio character next to Hello Kitty. He was created by Sanrio’s chief designer Miyuki Okumura. He starred in his own anime movie called “Cinnamon the Movie” which was released in Japan in December 2007. In the Manga, Cinnamoroll is scared of ghosts.


Cinnamoroll is voiced by Taeko Kawata.


Taeko Kawata voices Chypre from Heartcatch Precure



* Taeko Kawata also voices Amy Rose from the Sonic series

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