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He is the main villain from “Cinnamon the movie”. He once was bad then turned good. According to “Cinnamon the movie” Chowder developed a crush on Mocha even though she hates him. But at the end of the movie Chiffon and Mocha forgives him. He creates a Custered monster that captures Sister Anna who founded Cinnamoroll and is the owner of Cafe Cinnamon. At the very start of the movie, Chowder sees Cinnamoroll falling from the sky inside a deep forest. He chases Anna’s kart thinking that Cinnamoroll is dangerous! Chowder also has a magic book that causes magic spells to happen after he reads it and snaps his fingers.img_1402576_19328232_01.jpgimg_1402576_19328232_11.jpg

What a intelligent puppy, He can all most answer any question you like. Looks like Espresso is eating the last of the cinnamon rolls. At least he doesn’t eat to much as Cappuccino does.img_1402553_11612088_0.jpgimg_1402553_11612088_1.jpg

Is it just me or is Milk’s skin color blue?img_1402553_11821120_0.jpg

img_1402553_10887665_0.jpgimg_1402553_10887665_1.jpgI love it when Mocha winks.

img_1402553_11708154_0.jpgimg_1402553_11708154_1.jpgGood ol’ Chiffon, all ways energetic.

4e9287445e83e_105626b.jpg Looks like Cinnamoroll’s friends are exercising. Milk is doing the weights, Cinnamoroll is checking out his weight, Chiffon is running, and Mocha is doing the double hula hoops. Chiffon might be the fastest runnier and exercises alot. But since can’t stand running that fast.


I believe these were the candy wrappers that was on Sanrio’s Cinnamoroll cookies. I just noticed that Chiffon kissed Cinnamoroll. o02200546111229725461.gifo02200675111229725452.gif

I never know Sanrio made this.photo_2.gif

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