Cinnamoroll looks so sad here. I wonder why he is sad. 1130121_m.jpg

Its hard to choose which one is the cutest girls in Cinnamoroll group. I will pick Mocha.13942622_m.jpg

Espresso looks like an emperor with that.11792289_m.jpg13282445_m.jpg


img10624172510.jpg Looks like Cappuccino is sleeping after all that food he ate. After all that food Cappuccino ate, now he can sleep with his tummy all filled with sweets. Chiffon is not sleeping but is relaxing peacefully after all that exercising and sports she did.

y1170-40.jpg Look’s like the gang are busy making ice cream and cinnamon rolls. Except that Cappuccinois busy eating ice cream. I love how Mocha is the cafe’s maid

img_689769_27451635_0.jpgimg_689769_27451635_1.jpg I didn’t know Sanrio made piggy banks.

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