tumblr_lqpyumkro01qke0evo1_500.gif Strange that he is selling nuts to his friends.

Am I the only one who noticed that Cinnamoroll’s hat flew off?

img26439496.jpg I had to chuckle at the way Cappuccino is riding his hot air balloon. I think he is having a bit of trouble controlling his balloon. I noticed that Espresso is riding Mocha and Chiffon’s hot air balloon to. I love how Milk is trying to eat a Cinnamon bun even though his pacifier is preventing him from eating it. I bet Cinnamoroll took Milk for a ride since the other balloons are taken.

Lucky, that Cinnamoroll can fly. Now no one will take his cherries.convoui_cn_summer01.jpg

cn_1_1.JPG I love how
his ice cream is big.


Cinnamoroll reminds me of the Pillsbury Doughboy.080201023953763.gif



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