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Happy 40th Anniversary to Sanrio’s second oldest character My Melody.

This was posted on Cinnamoroll’s Twitter Account.

Also My Melody is getting her very own cafe at a special character fair in Sanrio Puroland this January, called the “My Melody 40th Anniversary Fair Omoiyari to You.” It will run until August 31, 2015 and will feature specially designed items to run during the life of the cafe. The cafe will be set up in the “Maryland” forest where My Melody makes her home, which is coincidentally on the fourth floor of Sanrio Puroland. Visitors can snack on all sorts of treats, like My Melody curry, strawberry milk, soft-serve ice cream, a special meat bun, and more!

Turns out my previous post about the new Cinnamoroll Manga was true. Recently a new Cinnamoroll manga was released in Japan called “シナモロール「角川つばさ文庫” or “Cinnamoroll “Kadokawa Bunko wings” which stars Poron and Cinnamoroll. Since she has the ability to time travel, it’s possible that Cinnamoroll and Poron might visit Cinnamoroll and his friends ancestors which are seen behind Cornet,Cinnamoroll, and Poron.

Ever since Cinnamoroll’s new friend Poron become a new friend of Cinnamoroll in April 2014 after she dropped out of the sky one day and fell on Cinnamoroll’s head. She’s starting to hang out with Cinnamoroll more often then Mocha. She’s is also a time traveler, and would go on adventures with Cornet the Unicorn. I believe that according to previews of the two images related to the upcoming manga that will be released on September 15 in Japan. Cinnamoroll might encounter Cinnamoroll and his friends ancestors.

It’s so nice to see Cinnamoroll and friends celebrating Cherry’s birthday. Even when she and Berry love being naughty and causing trouble. Looks like Lauren and Pauline have a new rival between Espresso.



Is it just me, or do they both look related to each other judging by their eye color and the fact that she and Cinnmoroll looks alike? Also I wonder what her pocket watch might be used for?

Looks like Cinnamoroll has a third new female as part of the gang. According to Cinnamoroll’s Japanese Twitter account, the pictures might imply that she might be close friends with Cornet the Unicorn. Also, she reminds me of one of the members of Cocoa from the 5th Fluffy,Fluffy Cinnamoroll volume who is one of the members of a cafe called “Black Cafe” who are rivals to “Cafe Cinnamon” and has a crush on Cinnamoroll.

Her introduction reminds me of how Cinnamoroll first visited Cafe Cinnamon.


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