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It’s been nearly 2 months since i last posted something on my blog.Well i’m very sorry and the reason why i haven’t posted something in a long time was i was very busy with homework and other very important things.

So since then i havce got all the Twilight books now and im only on New Moon because i started again when i gotted it weeks ago and i have got The Host by Stepheine Meyer and i have already finished a month ago.Also i have now nearly 200 or more Twilight pictures! xD

Here is some Twilight pictures! (I will post some more later)

I ‘am a BIG Twilight fan!! =D


Even though i haven’t seen the movie yet but i have read the book and it’s really GOOD!!I also have got the 3rd book Eclipse¬†but i haven’t read it yet because read New Moon yet because i haven’t got it yet BECAUSE they are selling out everywhere i look!!But i’m still¬† looking for it and looking for¬† the 4th book Breaking Dawn.(i have already got The Host and so far it’s good!!)




It’s been a while since i have been on sanriotown.Well i’m sorry that i have not bee on in a while and the reason is that i was going on www.awolnow.comso much but my visitor membership account expired the day before Christmas ¬†so now i’m going on sanriotown again.So i will try my best to update more things on my blog and make some more videos. (i only have 1 video)


P.S.Has anyone read the book twilight because i nearly finished it and i only got it on Christmas and  want to see the movie and i want to see the High School Musical 3:Senior Year movie.


Hey everyone!!Guess what??


I’am soooooooooo excited and i soooooo want to see it!!I might go and see it this weekend or next weekend or in the holidays.

So yeah!!YAY!!! =)


P.S. I’m a BIG High School Musical fan!! YAY!!!! =D

Hey everyone!!(again) :D

I just want to say that the shortcut in for my friend’s video might not work (for some reason,i don’t know).

So yeah!!

Cya!! :D

Hey everyone!! =D

I know i don’t get to post stuff much on my blog but that’s because i have been very busy with school work and stuff!You properly thinking now “what is she talking about,she just posted something yesterday!!”.Well i mean that i haven’t posted like everyday!!!HELLO KITTY RULES!!!That was random!! =)

You should totally check out my friend smellyjessiejunior’s video.ITS COOL!!! =]

Here is a shortcut to see the video!!


*click on the above* =D

Cya!! =)


A picture of Hello Kitty!!! =]

Sorry i havn’t posted anything on my blog for LONG time!Also i had my formal last Sunday!!IT WAS COOL!!!!! :D :)¬† =D¬† =)high_school_musical_3_poster.jpg

Also here is a picture of High School Musical 3!!! =D


Hi everyone!!I know its been a while since i have posted anything but i could not because i have been VERY busy so i did not get time to.Anyway here is a picture of Pandapple!!Pandapple is SOOOOO CUTE!! :)


Sanriotown homepageHere is a picture of sanriotown.com homepage!!

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1.You get your own blog.

2.You get a Hello Kitty email address and a email account on sanriotown.com

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4.You get to make your own videos and put music in the background.

5.You get to talk to sanrio fans from all over the world on the forms.

6.You get to play great games at the Game Center.

7.You get to join hellokittyonline.com from sanriotown.com

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13.You get your own avatar for the forms.

And i think there might be more but i can’t remember.So i might tell you more soon.


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