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3 Responses to “Trying to settle my mind…”

  1. I hope you feel better, lately I too have been feeling overwhelmed and emotionally unstable. I get angry at everyone b/c I feel like nobody understands my situation; anyway, maybe you’re sweater hasn’t arrived yet or go mixed up, I’m sure it’ll turn up somewhere. And I hope the mini bakery turns out good, take pics ok?

  2. Thanks Rosie! I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling well. :(
    I hope you’re right!
    Will take pics!

  3. I hope you find your sweater soon. Unfortunately, there are really terrible people out there in the world. I mean, I know this one woman who has her Netflix delivered to our workplace because people are thoughtless enough to steal them straight out of her mailbox. Hopefully this wasn’t the case… :/

    Also, I understand what you’re going through, even if I don’t know the events circulating around it. I also struggle a lot with what you’re feeling right now, and I just gotta keep goin’ , you know?

    There are people here for ya, don’t forget that. ^_~

    I’m adding you to my blogroll so hopefully i can remember to keep in touch better. >_>

    Bye and good luck~

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