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I got a Hello Kitty Wafflemaker for my birthday, so tonight I made Belgium waffles with it.

Here are some pics of it!

Hello Kitty Waffle Maker

Plate full of Hello Kittehs

Belgium Kittehs

Belgium Kittehs with Syrup

My birthday was the 10th of September…and now it’s technically the 11th by a few minutes…but my birthday was fantastic!

I typically don’t have good birthdays but this one was great! I came home to a decorated house, there were pink and white streamers up and shiny-ish pastel balloons. I had a Hello Kitty cake, and everything was Hello Kitty themed. I got SOOO much Hello Kitty stuff!!! It was AWESOME!

For dinner, I made fake sushi because I don’t like eating fish. I used this sushi wrap that’s made of soy rather than nori and it comes in lots of different colors. I put lots of different vegetables, rice and I cooked yummy chicken and beef and wrapped it up. Everything was so cute, yummy and SOO filling, but yet so healthy. We had a big salad too. I can’t wait to make more of the faux sushi. I’m going to make it and put them in my bentos. Nummies!

I ate so much cake! It was vanilla with vanilla frosting (my favorite) and my mom got strawberry ice cream (which isn’t exactly my favorite, but it was good).

I got an update from my school and so far my GPA is 4.0. I am getting A’s in all my classes! Yey! I’m so happy about that.

For my birthday, I got:

Hello Kitty Online Premium Edition!
Silvery-Sequin Hello Kitty Scarf
Hello Kitty Handbag
A custom painted Hello Kitty baker painting from Angelo
Lots of Hello Kitty Stickers
Hello Kitty Compact
Hello Kitty Watch
Hello Kitty Girl’s shirt (I’m SOOO glad I can fit into kids size 8/10 tops! LOL)
Hello Kitty Plushie
Hello Kitty Steppers (all 3 sets)
Hello Kitty Fortune Cookie Maker Set
Hello Kitty Ice Cream Shop Playset
A Huge stockpile of Fimo Clay (around $300 worth of it! Even rare types!!!)
Noodle press for the Fimo Clay
A Gift Certificate for a 1 hour massage, facial and reflexology feet session
Hello Kitty Pajamas
Lots of cute socks
Awesome Lip balm
Adorable glitter headband
I’ve been told I’m being sent a Hello Kitty Waffle Maker!
Free Car Insurance until January
Free AAA Premium membership for a year
And a couple more things I can’t think of right now.

This is seriously the most amazing birthday I’ve had. It was a great day, everyone loved the food and it was fun. It’s nice to be spoiled sometimes…and since I don’t really ever get it, and I haven’t really ever gotten it, it’s really awesome to feel like this. :)

I’m just thankful for a great birthday!

Thank you!!!!!!!

Since about Tuesday I’ve been sickish. I keep falling asleep in weird places. I don’t typically do that. I wont sleep when I’m supposed to. My stomach hurts, I feel nauseated, I have an owwie head and it’s stuffy! Ugh. I have to be at school in one hour and I am trying to feel better before then but idk if it will happen. Ughhiez…

At least I got a train ticket! So im on HKO riding the train and doing quests. Wheee…

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