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I adopted him, his name is CutebutNoEatiee…he’s mine…all mineee…but no eatiee…::Blegh!::


This is my Favorite HK Plushie!


Repurposing a Fruit Basket

dsc00589fix.jpgIn back is my Sanrio 50th Anniversary poster that the owner of the Sanrio store in Salinas gave me because he liked how much HK I was sporting…Others…Squinkie set with full collection 1 & 2 HK squinkies, Various Happy Meal Kitties, HK bank, FULL re-ment Sushi kitty set, more various houses from the town (still have more not pictured), and various pieces of rement from HK sets, and other sets as well. Also, a couple extra kitty stuff not mentioned.

dsc00587fix.jpg(FRONT ROW) Pink HK fan, Full collection of stompers/tappers, Hello Kitty Potty Bobber (hard to find), HK easter egg…Various HK town houses (I have more not pictured), framed picture of Holy Queen Hello Kitty…behind is a picture Angelo painted me of HK as a baker for my birthday.

HKPlushiesHere are some of the Kitty plushies I have…Not all are shown, because I sleep with some! :) LEFT TO RIGHT: Mime Hello Kitty, Friends with you Hello Kitty, Valentines Kitty, Devil Kitty, other Valentines Kitty, Nyago Kitty, Juggling Kitty…Hanging are various kitties, Mood Kitty, Chef Kitty, Regular Kitty and Pez Kitty…and a Kitty Magnet Clip on top

I opened my own business, it’s called Funky Noodle Brain.

my etsy shoppe is:Funky Noodle Brain www.funkynoodlebrain.com is the direct address if this doesn’t work.

I pour all my time and energy into it and making things for it. I am working on my website too, which should be finished shortly, it has a lot more things in it!


I feel sick of school. I just want to stay somewhere safe and be happy all the time. I am tired of most of it. :/ Help me HK!

I missed Hello Kitty! I had a small break in my fanaticism. Life became a little complicated and I just lost myself completely. I am close with Kitty again. I like it.

I’m still going to school, but I changed my major. School is going well, last semester I got all A’s.

I feel kinda lonely in the world right now.

There is a lot and nothing going on right now.

I think I’m mostly overwhelmed and overstimulated.

I really like Valentines day. I am excited for it.

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