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Blog of the Week: I Love Cute Things ♥


Her blog title says it all! Meet Emely, a Brazilian who also has a mix of Japanese within her. According to her, she’s a real clown who laughs and talks out loud. She’s an animal lover. She owns both cats and dogs which she treats very well and even buys them toys.

One of her hobbies is sewing and she’s real good at it. She says that she needs to improve more though. Check out the picture below for some of her works:

She can also make jewelry and origami. She’s crazy about Hello Kitty and loves playing Hello Kitty Online with her sister. She likes to join events in HKO and wins some of them like the “Color Me Pet” event. She collects clothes and pets in HKO as well.

Congratulations to Emely for being chosen as blog of the week! Check out her blog by clicking HERE.


Blog of the Week: JENN’z Blog


This week’s featured blogger is Jennifer, another Hello Kitty Online player. She’s a Filipina, lives in California, USA and a self-confessed Hello Kitty fanatic!

She has many Sanrio stuff like watches, plushies, key rings, figurines, holographic and game cards, candy dispenser and more. Her hobbies are reading, travelling, singing karaoke, playing pool and the guitar and other outdoor activities. She also likes listening to many different genres of music.

Below is a picture of one of her collections: A Hello Kitty Lego-like set made by Mega Brands.

She also likes to post about other HKO players and their characters’ clothing.

If you want to know more about her please visit her blog by clicking HERE.

Blog of the Week: ❤ Happy Time.


The spotlight for this week’s blog of the week goes to none other than Paula

She’s 20 years of age, lives in the USA and loves Hello Kitty and other things “kawaii” (meaning cute in Japanese).

Her other hobbies include reading, gaming, listening to J-pop, drinking tea and watching movies such as “Harry Potter” and “Alice in Wonderland”.

She’s also a Hello Kitty Online player and an animal lover. Below is her HKO character and puppy named Mousey.


Check out some of  her “kawaii” collection!   Visit her blog by clicking HERE.

Blog of the Week: Hello kitty kawaii blog


This week’s blog of the week winner is none other than Cinthya!

She’s 22 years of age and born on Lima, Peru. She’s a graphic designer by profession. Her hobbies are drawing, singing and dancing salsa. Being an avid fan of Hello Kitty, Cinthya loves her so much and collects plushies, stationery, clothes, desk accessories, jewelry and even underwear!

She plays Hello Kitty Online as well and goes by the name “kaci2910″.

She’s an animal lover and has a dog named “Luna”. She also opened her own store of plushies named “Cutie Queen”.

We give our best regards to you Cinthya and good luck on your business!

Check out her blog by clicking HERE

Blog of the Week: littlelollyxoxo


This week’s pick for Blog of the Week is littlelollyxoxo’s blog. She loves playing Hello Kitty Online and goes there by the name of “Cathy101″ and “RedRibbon”. Most of the posts in her blog consist of her adventures in HKO and with matching pictures from picjoke.

She also tells some stories about her life. In one of her posts she posted a card dedicated to GM-Xachary, who just left recently. GM-Xachary is just one of the many nice and friendly Game Moderators in the world of Hello Kitty Online.

Keep up the good work littlelollyxoxo and enjoy playing Hello Kitty Online!

You can check out her blog HERE

Blog of the Week: Yurika’s dreams


Our winner for this week’s Blog of the Week is none other than yurika111! She’s beautiful with gorgeous black hair. In her blog she showcases her self-made poem, a painting of her, pictures of Hello Kitty@London, her first time to eat a large piece of steak and to see an opera in a cinema! Here are some pictures taken from her blog:

You can check out here blog by going HERE. Congratulations again to yurika111!

Blog of the Week: My Unpublished Book


Congratulations to Gigi Legacie a.k.a. Miss Gigi for winning this week’s Blog of the Week!

She enlisted in the USAF last year and will be leaving for BMT on the first of February. She’s a singer and has been a member of choirs since 4th grade. She can sing in the Italian and German language as well. She’s also a vegetarian but admits that she still gets cravings for meat and fish (she prefers it raw) once in a while.  She really dislikes blood can do “icky” things if she wanted to but will get mini freakouts after that. Lastly, she’s a nice daughter who takes care of her mom most of the time and claims that she has a “perfect” boyfriend. You can know more by visiting her BLOG.

Stay cheerful and active on SanrioTown Miss Gigi!

Blog of the Week: Dreams Awaken


Let’s give it up for Rosie for she takes the spotlight because her blog was chosen as Blog of the Week!  She loved Hello Kitty since she was seven until now that she is 21.

She’s currently in college taking up architecture and engineering (double major wow) She’s a self-confessed geek who likes to play video games, read, paint and even cook.  She’s also a vegetarian and an animal-lover. Her favorite Sanrio character is Chococat. What caught our eye was her most recent blog posts showcasing her travel around Spain particularly Barcelona, Toledo and Madrid. Here are just some of the many fabulous pictures that she posted:

Congratulations again to Rosie and good luck in your studying and love life!

You can check out her blog here :  Dreams Awaken

Blog of the Week: エミリーのブログ゚!


What’s in a Blood Type? In 1930, the Japanese began to embrace the idea of matching personality traits with one’s blood type. Although there is no proven relation between blood type and personality, it remains famous with many matchmaking services that cater to blood type and is widely popular in Japanese women’s magazines as a way of weighing the compatibility with a partner. One certain SanrioTown blogger describes herself as a Type A positive with traits such as outwardly calm, very high standards and a little timid. Her name is Emily, a college student and the author of エミリのブログ.


The blogger claims that she has attempted to create many blogs in the past, but have failed miserably at maintaining them. Emily believes that keeping a blog is a great way to express emotions, treasure memories and share experiences with others. Her love for the world and life shines through her blog entries. She writes about  her life as a university student and posts pictures of Japanese food. Emily seems to be fluent in the Japanese language. She aspires someday to use this language proficiency to create a sturdy bridge in the world of business between Japan and the United States of America.

Intrigued? Read more about her university life!  Visit: エミリのブログ.

Great job, Emily! We hope you will maintain your SanrioTown blog!

Blog of the Week: vεѕρεяїа


This week’s featured blogger is relatively new to Hello Kitty Online, but her blog was chosen as the Blog of the Week for her vibrant posts and her wonderful personality! Introducing Bilmay, better known as Vesperia, a SanrioTown blogger who is dedicated to filling her online journal with cuteness and expressive emoticons!


Vesperia is a college student studying to become a Computer Engineer. She loves anime and manga and even has a small bookshelf that contains about 50 manga books! She confesses that she has a bad habit of spending money, and was told by her mom to “act her own age”. Here, in SanrioTown, however, age does not matter!  After all, everyone has a child in his/her heart! Some are just better at hiding them!


vεѕρεяїа is filled to brim with entries featuring anime, manga, videos and even a special cookie recipe!  If you want to check out her blog, visit: vεѕρεяїа


Congratulations, Bilmay! Stay cute and fabulously awesome!


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