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Blog of the Week: Kat Cupcake!


When you stare at a pretty cupcake, you’ve just got to smile. That’s exactly what happened when we stumbled upon Kat Cupcake’s SanrioTown blog! Cupcakes or fairycakes are dainty cakes often wrapped in thin paper or aluminum cups. These charming little cakes are notorious for being manipulative, especially to those who have a sweet tooth—you just can’t resist them!



While the blog is not all about cupcakes, it does remind us of one—sweet, charming, with pink frostings and cute decorations. Her blog entries are likely to add a little sprinkle of sweetness into your day! So, to thank Kat Cupcake, we made her journal the Blog of the Week, and we even wrote a cupcake haiku for her!




“Handfuls of Heaven

Portions of sweet indulgence

Cupcakes forever”


Visit Kat’s blog: Kat Cupcake!


Stay sweet and cute and charming, Kat! Just like cupcakes.

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Do you have the 11 key letters to solve who the Mysterious Egg Thief is? Unscramble the key letters you got from the 11 puzzles you previously solved and find out which Sanrio character took Hello Kitty’s Easter Eggs!
___   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___

You may now email us with your answer to the main puzzle and subpuzzles.  Please follow the correct format in sending your emails.  The instructions on how to send your answers to us are in the SanrioTown main blog.

Subpuzzle 11 (Final Subpuzzle)


It was the Japanese-American friendship day. The Japanese representatives chose the American Museum of National History as the place to do their program. The Japanese carried with them some of their national treasures and displayed it in the museum, covered in expensive silk fabrics, till it’s ready for viewing. But the night before the day the national treasures are ready for viewing, one of the treasures were stolen. It was the samurai sword “Kotetsu.”After the investigation, the police asserted that they have 5 suspects for the case. Surprisingly, all the suspected people are students coming from the same school belonging to the same class. The students are My Melody, Kiki, Badtz-Maru, Lala and Pochacco.  Here are their statements. Listen to them well, detective:

My Melody: I was at the museum researching something for my project. I was there till that time because I was waiting for my parents to fetch me. It was probably Lala who stole it because she’s interested in the samurai culture very much.

Kiki: I was with Badtz-Maru and Lala all the time. We 3 took constant breaks at the museum’s cafe. If you’re gonna ask me if there was something odd with Lala, well, she was going to the comfort room very often that night. But still, she left the library with us and carried nothing but her books. 

Badtz-Maru: As Kiki said, we we’re just studying for the exams so that explains why we were there till that time. Something’s odd with Pochacco though: he had Manila papers, crayons and glue with him.

Lala: Okay. I admit I am very interested in the Samurai culture but I am no thief! I was taking constant breaks that time because it was very cold and I need to urinate. Also, how can I even leave the place without passing those sensors at the door?  

Pochacco: The reason why I was with art materials that time was because I had to do an oral report for our History class before the final exams. It’s not true that I wasn’t researching for it. I already did my research on the museum the night before yesterday. Besides, why would I be interested in an old, reddish, sword? I have no interest in swords.

So, who stole the treasure?

KEY LETTER: The second letter of the answer to this puzzle is a keyword to the main puzzle!

Congratulations! You’ve found the final subpuzzle! Check out the next entry and solve the main puzzle! Solve who stole Hello Kitty’s Easter Egg

Travel the World Event on Sanriotown!


traveltheworld.jpgWhat would be your ultimate vacation place? Sanrio Puroland in Tokyo? The Louvre Museum in Paris? Or is it Surfer’s Paradise in Gold Coast? No matter where it is, if you’ve been there, let us know your story and get the chance not only to be featured on Sanriotown’s first ever Travel the World Event and win incredible prizes!


Share your bits and pieces from your wonderful trip, from the yummy food you tasted, to the gadgets you bought, or nice scenery you saw. Submit pictures along with a description about the trip and share with everyone at Sanriotown!

One blogger will be chosen from the pool of articles every month and be featured on the official Travel the World blog as an official winner along with other prizes!

To know more about this awesome event, you can check out the blog by clicking here.

You will need a Sanriotown account with the blog service subscribed to in order to participate in this event, so if you haven’t done so - sign up and activate your blog service now!

Bon voyage!

Dream Studio Stars


blog_sample3.jpgThe Director’s Club is the equivalent of the Blog All Star’s Blog. However, unlike this where we feature users chosen every week, Director’s Club has very stringent standards on who they’ll choose to be part of this very exclusive group. You can learn more about this by clicking on its link or the image below.



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