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Blog of the Week: Pauline’s Creating Blog


Our featured blogger of the week is Pauline. She’s 12 years old and likes to collect and play toys. She says that she’s a little tomboyish and acts childish for her age.  She has entomophobia a.k.a. insectophobia or fear of bugs. She wants to be a writer someday.

According to her being normal seems pretty boring unlike the wacky and crazy lives that the characters from animes that she loves to watch. She also likes playing on her Nintendo DS and considers herself some sort of otaku.

She also has talent for drawing. Check out her drawing of the cute Cinnammoroll below:

Visit her blog by clicking HERE.

Blog of the Week: = ‘ - ‘ =


Amanda N. has many nicknames. Panda, Tram, and Trammy to name a few. The last two are based on her Vietnamese name “Mai Tram”. She got the nickname “Panda” in 5th grade because it rhymes with her name and she and her friends decided to give themselves animal nicknames.

She likes listening to music and considers it a very important part of her life. She loves her family and friends so much and means the world to her.

Her dream is to get PhD in Economics, get a position as an assistant professor at a major research university, preferably in California. Her favorite nonprofit organization is UNICEF. She was once the president of the UNICEF Campus Initiative chapter at UC Berkeley. She’s very interested in fashion and likes show the dresses that she wears on her blog.

(One of her many Hello Kitty purses)

Go to her blog by clicking HERE.

Blog of the Week: Cupcake


The winner for blog of the week is hyperliltenshi! People often think of her as younger than her real age.  They get shocked and she just laughs it off. So what’s the secret to her youthful look?

Don’t use make-up, be a kid at heart and eat cookies! 

She’s also an avid player of Hello Kitty Online and has already rescued Hello Kitty in the game. She joins events just like the previous HKO Japan Earthquake Aid event. Her in-game name is “CC-chan”.

Visit her blog by clicking HERE. Bye!

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