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Blog of the Week: Brain Candy


Short, deep and meaningful, Haiku is arguably the most famous and challenging poetic form that originated from Japan. It combines form, content and language in a meaningful yet compact structure. Haiku consists of 17 syllables, in three phrases of 5, 7, and 5 syllables respectively.  Many haiku seem to focus on nature and emphasize the emotions that seasons convey. Traditional haiku often include seasonal references such as “falling leaves” for autumn, “silver snow” for winter or “cherry blossoms” for spring, and the feelings and emotions that people usually associate the seasons with. Haiku are often comprised of sensory words that paint vivid imagery in the mind. As haiku is also a form of non-rhyming poetry, it’s expected to possess the general characteristics that can be found in a poem such as rhythm and depth.




And since haiku are short, many writers think that they can write haiku as easily as snapping their fingers. In truth, haiku is one of the least understood forms of poetry and one of the most challenging.


One SanrioTown Blogger, murasoishi, dared to describe her days by merely composing haiku in her blog. Well, that is something since you would have to be extra creative to condense a blog entry into a mere 17-syllabled post! We also found her blog title “Brain Candy” fitting as haiku are bite-sized poems!


Visit mursoishi’s blog: Brain Candy!


Thank you for your inspiring haiku, murasoishi, and we look forward to reading more of them! ♥



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